Hip-Hop Rumors:Jay-Z/Wayne Carter Tour?Monkeys Mad At Ross! Ja Rule's Deal?

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

TODAY'S RUMORS!EMINEM!EMINEM’S TRACKLISTING!?I don’t know if this is real or not, but I do know that it looks like a previously heard Eminem classic so I can’t be mad. I’m not fully convinced that this is the real deal. Look at it, analyze it and give me your thoughts.01 Dr. West (Skit) 01:2902 3am 05:2003 My Mom 05:2004 Insane 03:0105 Bagpipes From Baghdad 04:4306 Hello 04:0807 Tonya (Skit) 00:4308 Same Song & Dance 04:0809 We Made You 04:3010 Medicine Ball 03:5711 Paul (Skit) 00:1912 Stay Wide Awake 05:2013 Old Time’s Sake f. Dr. Dre 04:3514 Must Be The Ganja 04:0315 Mr. Mathers 00:4216 Deja Vu 04:4317 Beautiful 06:3218 Crack A Bottle f. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent 04:5819 Steve Berman (Skit) 01:2920 Underground/Ken Kaniff 06:19Also, why are Red and Meth dropping the same damn day as Eminem? Def Jam is putting those poor guys on a straight up suicide mission! That’s just not right for the legends!


Now, I can see why the powers that be got rid of Dame as fast as they could. Well, actually it was slow and methodical. But, check out this video. OW!

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Well, here I am.

I am MAAAAAAD tired! LOL. The rumors are dry and there is nothing to get the blood pumping. My site illseed.com is all "just OK," because i am on my grind so crazy right now. But I did come across this post and you have to read it. Its about Jacki-O and a website that talks to a supposed groupie of Jacki-O. Read, it HERE.

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Whew! I wish I was 50 Cent or at least friends with him. There is a rumor running around that 50 is in the process of creating a deal with Live Nation similar to Jay-Z. Now, I did hear that this would come under the Roc Nation umbrella, but I know 50 Cent would never go for that. So, there you go. 50 Cent may leave Interscope for greener pastures at Live Nation. Before I Self Destruct Is 50's last for the label unless he re-ups.


I got this letter from one of my reader homies and he shed a lot of light on why 50 Cent is so quiet. Read the letter and understand.

Wut up illseed...so im walkin back and forth between 5th ave and lexington working pushin all types of boxes 2 offices with my hand truck until I c a whole group of people and a flim crew on 82nd and lexington...I stop 2 see who it iz and all I see iz chase crawford from that gossip girl show...I didn't care about him so I was gonna keep walking and finish my job until I see 50 cent filming a scene...at first I thought he was gonna be on gossip girl since I seen chase crawford...until I asked one of the film crew and he told me he was doing a movie called "TWELVE"...after shooting a couple of scenes he came across the street and started signin autographs and takin pictures with everyone that was there...he wasn't able 2 give me a drop...but he did sign my hip hop weekly magazine with eminem on the cover and told me his album will be out in june...I read the rumors yesterday and I saw ur question on wut u think mite be takin 50 cent long 2 respond back 2 rick ross....I guess he's pretty busy with this movie....



Europe! You are in for a treat if there is any factual information to this rumor that I have here. I heard that The Carters, Shawn and Dwayne, are about to set on a tour of Europe called "The Carter Tour." The rumors of this tour are sketchy at best. This would be a huge way for Live Nation to make their money back from Jay-Z. Interesting!


Will Eminem be able to pull it off again? The countdown is on.


I have heard of artists pissing people off and I heard of this. This dude is so heated at Gucci Mane, it don't make no sense! Well, it does make some sense. These are not my words, but the words of somebody in attendence. Here it is:

The price for the Minstrel Show (aka Gucci Mane show) was $50, or $80 VIP. That's right, that wasn't a typo. 5-0, and 8-0. And, if you stepped out of the club for whatever reason, you were charged a $10 re-entrance fee. Now, if you think that's a ridiculous price for a show, then check out what I'm about to tell you..But in the meantime, one dumb coon of the female persuasion left out and tried to come back in, and was hit with the $10 re-entry charge. She started griping about how she had just paid $80 to get in, and how she has a child at home, to take care of, and that $10 is too steep. We told her, "as if $80 isn't steep? Which could your child benefit more from right now: $80 or $10?" Of course she didn't get it.

What? I'm sayin', that was the show. He performed 2 songs and left. I mean, the snuck off the stage so quick, that the regular security told us to barricade the front door, so that the people couldn't get out, while Gucci Coon and co. were loading back up in the limo. LOL, there was a woman on their crew, who was tryna hold the door, and people started pushing the door. One dude straight mule kicked the door, and the glass cracked even more than it was originally. People flooded the door, talking about, "yo, where did Gucci go? We want our money back, that was a rip-off!!" But by that time, the limo was speeding off, and people trampled that one security chick, tryna run after the limo. People were jumping on the limo as it was driving off, talking about "Gimme my money back, Gucci!!" People fell off the limo, as it drove off, to parts unknown. I say that, because the word is, he never made it to Raleigh, and even if he did, it would have been almost 4AM before he would've made it.. What coon in their right mind was gonna wait around on a Sunday night (uhh, morning) to see him perform?? Wait, on second thought, don't answer that.


I don't know what Spider Loc is signing to some label for $2 million or something. I hope this is true so I can get a loan.

For all you gospel music lovers, Minister Mase is reportedly releasing a full DVD of gospel music this year!

I heard that Lloyd Banks is off Interscope, but Tony Yayo remains. I also heard the Banks is having b-day party this Wednesday.

There is a rumor that Ja Rule has a signed to Maybach Music. Not sure that I believe this.

Another one that's a bit off to me is that Ashanti has retired. She's too cute to retire.

I don't know who Dolla is, but I heard a rumor that he got dropped by Jive Records.

I heard Obama has opted to kick the smoking habit the old fashioned way. He was all set to get some e-sigs but changed his mind.

I wanted to shout out Slum Village, they are currently touring South Africa and gave a spectacular performance.

Apparently, Rick Ross he owner of a couple of Burger Kings. He'll be eating forever!

Solange might open for Micheal Jackson. That's a great way to sell units.

I heard Lil Kim's wig was almost torn out last night on DWTS, but I didn't see it.

Why is it so hot already? I swear this is insane.


The Fox Boogie series roll on. Check it out as Foxy and Nore get down.


I didn't even know that Hottie of reality TV sang. After this, you will wish she didn't She sure can act like she can sing.


These crazy people did some sort of test flight in New York, where they were flying super duper low. They scared the mess out of thousands of people in New York into thinking they were under attack! Obama is pissed, the mayor is pissed and I would be too if I witnessed that! See the vid below!


I got this email from a dude representing for all the monkeys. check it out:


We would like to get something off our collective chests. We, the monkeys are sick and tired of Rick Ross using our names in vain. He's going around calling 50 Cent a monkey like that's what's up. Look, we don't look or act like G-Unit. And we don't like him degenerating our species like that. I don't know what he knows, but nowardays, moneys can tear your face off. Furthermore, some of us carry that toast. Tell Ross to be easy on calling us G-Unit and calling G-Unit us....we come strapped like MC Eiht!

-The Monkey Mafia

(That was a parody.)


LOL....this is such a fail. A dude that emulates Pac and disses Ja Rule for trying to be like Pac. SMH!

FATAL HUSSEIN IS COMING BACK WITH ICE-TOne of Pac's real homies kicks it with Ice!


This is Sanaa.

I'm sorry, Keri. I'm looking for a new love. The magic just isn't there!

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