Hip-Hop Rumors: Jeezy Concert Turns Into A Huge Brawl!

What's with these rowdy fans throwing things at the stage while an artist is performing? A Jeezy show in Orlando during All-Star Weekend turned into Wrestlemania V when a group of angry fans got into it with the venue security after they were asked to back away from the stage. The fans got into a shouting match with security until someone threw a drink on stage and all hell broke loose!

The whole crowd erupted into a brawl with people throwing bottles, hitting each other with chairs, and even throwing a mic stand. Check out the footage of the brawl:

That was intense! Jeezy tried to calm the crowd down to no avail and left through the back door. Sources say Jeezy was "very upset" with the venue and was not pleased with the way security handled the incident.

Source: TMZ