Hip-Hop Rumors: Jim Jones Sends His Goons to Attack Disruptive Fan!

This, among many others, is the main reason why Jim Jones will never be able to elevate his career to a higher level. After being arrested twice in three days earlier this week, a video has surfaced of cry baby Jimmy going after a disruptive fan at his show in Boston last Tuesday night.

The so-called "fan" threw a red cup at Jimmy's head while he performed, and Jimmy being his hot-headed self could not let it go, and instructed the crowd to "point him out." Several of Jones' goons then jumped into the mix. Check out the video of the melee below:

Yes, the fan was wrong for throwing the cup, but Jones and his goons could have hurt someone with that major over reaction. It's not that serious, Jim Jones. Get over yourself!

In related news, last night, Jones performed a show from him "Vampire Life: We Own the Night Tour" to a very underwhelming response as the venue wasn't even halfway full. The openers, Nyemiah Supreme and Ninjasonik, were barely shown any love; despite strong performances, there wasn't much crowd energy to feed off of. Then, 45 minutes after he was supposed to hit the stage, Jim Jones got his set started, although based on how low his eyes were, he probably didn't even know what time it was. Jones blasted through about 20 songs that he hardly performed outside of the hook and maybe a verse, all in under a half hour. When your special guests, Trav and Maino, get more love from the crowd than you, you know that something's up.

Ballin'? I think not.

Source: TMZ