Hip-Hop Rumors: JT The Bigga Figga Gives Up an Exclusive on Snoop Dogg?!!

AllHipHop.com was in Chicago at Nation of Islam's Saviours' Day celebration this past weekend to host a town hall discussion for youth. While we were there, we got to spend some time with rapper JT The Bigga Figga, who's been missing from the recording scene for something like five years!!

What we didn't know is that JT has been making BIG dollars in the digital marketing arena, and he schooled the kiddies at our workshop with some of the best advice we've heard in a while for getting their paper up. Afterwards, JT spilled the beans on an upcoming money-making venture from the O.G. homie, Snoop Dogg.

Check the video for our EXCLUSIVE scoop from JT The Bigga Figga: