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Not only is he Hip-Hop, but he's doing great things in the community. I want everybody in New York to please come out to this three-day seminar in the city called "Kevin Powell presents Nat'l Black Male Conference." This features Chuck D, Ed Lover, William Bell (father of Sean Bell), Cousin Jeff, Michael Eric Dyson, Hill Harper and more more more! Click here for an interview with Kevin Powell and Davey D! (Part 1 and Part 2) Also, go to Kevin's site for the full break down of the seminar. http://www.blackandmaleinamerica.org/


A 3-Day National Conference

Friday, June 15 thru Sunday, June 17, 2007

Brooklyn, New York

A FREE conference

geared toward Black male empowerment


Friday and Sunday programs open to ALL (male and female).

Saturday day-time workshops (FOR MALES ONLY)

Saturday night event (open to everyone)


Ahhhh…Just Blaze. He might be the rumor underdog, because he’s so low-key-he shouldn’t be on the rumor page. Apparently, Saigon went on his blog and aired out Atlantic and Just Blaze in frustration. People have been waiting forever for this album and yet…nothing. So, Here we are with the internet and a lot of gibber-jabber going back and forth. Well, Just Blaze responds to the accusations of “budget eating” and addresses a number of other issues too on his blog. I feel for the guy, because I know this was supposed to be big for all parties included. Just basically said that sample clearances are holding things up…but there is more. The people with the sample are having a hard time with certain lyrics and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out here – I can’t summarize what amounts to a pocket novel. (Shout out to Just Blaze for making my job just a bit easier.)

AHH DIRECTWonder what it's like to see T.I. and Tip have a conversation? Well, here T.I. actually interviews Tip! And guess who is about to come back and says this is his BEST work? Ja Rule even sends a couple disses to 50 Cent and G-Unit. Oh, and Salt from S-N-P is getting very close to being an activist! Is somebody salty? Click below for the fun!

AllHipHop Direct - Black Music MonthDL KHALED DOES IT BIG!DJ Khaled is the man. He had an album release party for We The Best earlier this week at Mia’s Club Oxygen. I heard that party was banging like Jehovah witnesses on the doors of pagans. Anyway, Rick Ross was there, Trick Daddy was there, Lil’ Wayne was there, Cool and/or Dre was there, and of course Trina was there too. There were a number of other stars too, like Cash Money and other local artists. Big up to Kory, who said he never thought he’d see so many stars in his life.


You know, I posted video from Young City saying that he was on Cash Money. Then AllHipHop.com got from YC and his manager that “its official!” Well, word out of the Cash Money Camp is that he’s NOT on the label that Baby built. Now, I’m not going to slander the name. But, I heard that there was a communication gap between Baby and Slim. Apparently, Baby signed him and Slim didn’t even know. Oh yeah, I heard that CMR also signed that dude Glasses Malone as well.


They are telling me that the term “cupcakin’” is an old term. Well, that means it’s not a good one if it takes 10 years to get around.

Other sources close to Eminem have denied that he’s back with his ex. I still have other intel that suggests otherwise.

Does Ciara look like Trey Songz when she dresses up like a boy? Just a question!

Shout outs. Happy Birthday to Kandi Cole. A female emcee out in Cali. (they still have those?) She can rap. Grindin hard. OK, stop bugging me, Kandi. (she actually wrote this shout-out – LOL! Check her out!)

Shout out to BET and their awards show on June 26! Shout out to Corrine Bailey Rae and Jennifer Hudson!!

The Cavs got swept! Congrats to thee Spurs. Wow!


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