Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Album Listing!? The Dream Is Hitler? Rappers Get Beat Up!

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HUH? I am not a fan of The Dream, but it would seem like some people are trying to make him out to be the freakin’ Black Hitler or something. He said he tried to kill HIMSELF in a recent open letter about the failed marriage. I don’t know..Dreamie may need more people for this claim.

Read the letter here.

Here is the bit about him trying to control her:

“He constantly tried to argue with her about her family and to this day blames it on her side.. but Christina moved to Atlanta while everyone was in LA and it became clear that all anyone could do to make her happy at that time was let her go.. and they did.. but he continued to go at her with the same problems while she dedicated this “new life” to him, pushing aside her career and family for him..

He even faked illness to drag her further into this misery.. Christina was forced to play mommy to a newborn and to a full grown man and had no time to attend to herself, forcing her family to make extended visits in order to help her..”



Taxes and stars go together like…BP Oil and Ocean Water! Ok, that was corny. But it has been revealed that Weezy owes a lot of money to Uncle Sam. And you know, Sam gonna get his paper! Wayne owes from the years 2004, 2005 and 2007 in the sum of $1.1 million bucks! A few years ago, he owed about $977,840 to the man, but quickly paid it off. CAKE!!!!

They even say there is a special unit of the IRS to track rappers and entertainers! Click here!


I think Mims may be out of there and written off as a 1-hit wonder. Nevertheless, dude is out there getting into rumbles like he’s Jim Jones I am being told.

The deadline is today for the fight and its on Floyd, not Manny.


I thought Manny Pacquiao already agreed to the demands?


This isn’t all that new, but it was listed where people were supposedly hacking into Kanye’s computer or something. I suspect its all a big leak!

 Good A$$ Job Tracklisting?

1)Hell Of a Life (feat. Lil’ Wayne) [Kanye West x DJ Toomp]

2)Dark Fantasy [RZA]

3)Power [S1]

4)Chain Heavy (feat. Eminem x Jay-Z) [Kanye West]

5)Ghetto University (feat. T.I.) [Kanye West x DJ Toomp]

6)That’s My Girl (feat. Katy Perry x Kid Cudi) [Kanye West x Jon Brion]

7)Runaway [Kanye West x Q-Tip]

8)Lost In The World (feat. Nicki Minaj x Rick Ross) [Kanye West x No I.D.]

9)Gorgeous (Ode To Kardashians) (feat. Drake x Game x Ludacris) [Kanye West]

10)Monster [Kanye West x DJ Premier]

11)Holding Me Back (feat. Mos Def x Talib Kweli x Phonte) [Kanye West x Madlib]

12)Devil In a New Dress [Pete Rock]

13)The Joy (feat. Common x John Legend) [Kanye West]

14)So Appalled (feat. Drake x Jamie Foxx) [Kanye West x No I.D.]

15)Blame Game [DJ Toomp]

16)Sweat On My Face [DJ Premier]


Actually it was her concert, but it seems like she is practicing for Ringling Bros!


I was checking out http://www.brooklynbodega.com and they explained from De La Soul why Tupac dissed them back in the day. Here is what they said:

BB: I have to ask you this question. It’s a weird question and I can’t anticipate how you’re going to respond to it, but I’ve wondered about this for thirteen years now. On “Against All Odds” by Tupac [off the Makaveli album], somehow De La’s name came into the conversation. How did you guys end up on that track? Was that just what ‘Pac was on at the time, or was there an actual conversation or incident that [prompted him to diss you]?

Pos: Basically, we had did “Ego Tripping” the video [in 1993]. Pac had reached out to us because he thought we were dissing him because he thought that the video kind of mirrored “I Get Around”. He thought we were showing him in the mansion but then we were saying it wasn’t his mansion. Pac reached out like “yo, I love y’all. I love y’all so why are ya’ll dissing me?”. And I reached back to him like “dawg, we’re definitely not dissing you. We’re being clowns making fun of how certain people take the shit a little too serious” and he was like “aight, cool” [when] he reached back. But then I guess around the time when we put Stakes Is High out, and then all that nonsense happened between me and Treach [from Naughty By Nature] and all that other shit, Pac and Treach were [tight]. And the only reason I know the background behind this is because, maybe two years ago, I ran into Pac’s sister and she let us know that “yo, he loved y’all. He was just hurt when he thought maybe y’all dissed him”. And then how, with Stakes Is High, we came out doing what we was doing, he felt like, with his boys, like “yo, this is what I need to say”. But [Pac’s sister] was like “I want y’all to know, he loved y’all”. And I feel that. I feel like a lot of times [for example] when [MC] Shan and KRS-One beef, I don’t think people really hate each other. That’s definitely how it was for us. We loved Pac. We’ve loved so many groups. We’ve never tried to be a part of anything negative.

Here is the video:


Pusha T to Kanye’s GOOD Music? So they say.

Rumor has it Bevis and Butthead are going to make a comeback! Whoo Woooooo! Some of yall were born when this show was poppin on MTV!

Reggie Bush reportedly got a lap dance from Kanye’s ex Amber Rose amid the festivities at the ESPY’s. Kanye went and put her on and now she’s flying high!

Here is the new song from Rick Ross and Raekwon.


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