Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Almost Got Hacked! Rihanna Flopping? R.I.P. Mel Gibson


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Send your rumors, sightings and ill pics to illseed at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.RIHANNA TAKES A LOSS

Rihanna has never been the biggest or best performer, but she is a major star. So, this is why this is rumor worthy. She just kicked off her international “Last Girl On Earth” tour and had to scrap several dates! Why? They are saying that the venues are not selling well, even though she has fake Gaga Kei$ha on the tour with her. Her promoters are sagging that production changes are the real reasons but…eh. Sounds lame. Overall, concert revenue is down in 2010.


400 pounds of concrete. In a town in South Carolina, there is a man that stands accused of burying his 2 year old son in a trash can embedded in concrete. The father and his girlfriend were arrested for lying and saying that the boy had fallen into a river. A farmer or something somehow found the human remains of the child’s body of Rodricus Williams. Roger Williams and Grace Nichole Trotman are going up s**ts creek over this. The police want to know how the boy was killed but they are saying that he was abused physically.


I have been informed that the hackers are gunning for Kanye West in a major way! I don’t know how this dark world works, but some people almost got their hands on Kanye’s album and were going to sell it. Whatever security measures Kanye had worked like a charm. His album is still under lock and key.

This pic has been making the rounds around the net. Some hackers intercepted a email met for somebody named Hype. Nothing big. Until the zip file was opened and the tracklisting contained new Yeezy trax. This is the rumored tracklisting for Kanye's new album Good Ass Job. This will more than likely change by it's time of release but here it is as of now.1. Hell Of A Life2. Dark Fantasy3. Power4. Chain Heavy5. Ghetto University6. That’s My Bitch7. Runaway8. Lost In The World9. Gorgeous10. Monster11. Holding Me Back12. Devil In A New Dress13. The Joy14. So Appalled15. Blame Game16. Sweat On My Face


This is the dude that hit the girl. Like I said, dude is wack for this.

SMH: Guy Punches Girl Hard In The Face

Watch more Videos at Vodpod.


R.I.P. Mel Gibson’s Career. Here is the tape of him being a nasty racist old man to his ex-girlfriend.


I got this letter:

What up Illseed, I would like to take time out this day to let you know that the rumor of jaleel white beating his baby mama is a bunch of bull!! I know someone who is close to the situation and let me know that its bull!! So to let you guys know Jaleel White is much better than that!! Thanks.

Roland from SF


Like I said, I don’t edit Mikey T! In fact, I don’t even know what he’s talking about in most of these rumors, but he’s Mikey T the movie star. Hope you understand them! Straight from the streets of Hip-Hop!

Whats Good World !!! Mikey T The Movie Star , here Murda Mook (Droppin the Murda soon) is letting all these rappers out here know , no battles unless your coming with Cake. 25 Thousand for Battles, Mook is about gettin that big $$$$$ he has 2 Battles in the works as well as 2 Ruff Ryders Releases .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKnb7feAhSQYoung Dice re dubbed @MaybachDice Exclusive pictures from Rick Ross ATL Home where he is recording his mixtapes & album , he is in the studio working with the rest of the crew @GunPlayDonLogan @TorchCCC @RickyRozay @MasspikeMiles Tony Yayo is signed on to play in the S.W.A.T. sequel this film will not feature the cast from the 2007 Film . Yayo is taking on the lead villain in the film , in other news 50 cents new film under his Cheetah Vision Production company is moving forward with the Boxing Film costarring 50 cent an Nick Cage , both actors have a interest in the film (the scripts been suggested to a few other duos) This film will have a mainstream silver screen release. Mobb Deep is still together as a strong force & record label , Havoc just sold sum beats to Em , Un Pacino , Sam Scarfo & Big Noyd & Nyce are Floodin the Street Prodigy is coming home in November Un Pacino told me ...he also spit a freestyle for me ...Free Max B http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRffmnEmqw0Mike Shorey New Mixtape Guess Whos Back is getting him some respect from top labels in the game an the hoods of NY

this is the first studio clip seen from the mixtape "Got To Get it" shouts to Dipset , Def Jam & Fabalous !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P3KDh5UaTQMikey T The Movie Star Holdin it Down holla at me @MTMovieStar my guyyyy @illseed I LOVE HIP HOP


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