Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye and Russell #OccupyWallStreet! Steve Jobs' 4-Year Plan?!

Kanye West and Russell Simmons #OccupyWallStreet!

Mr. Simmons (@UncleRush) just tweeted the above photo of himself and rapper/producer Kanye West over at Liberty Plaza in NYC. No word on what his appearance means, or if there will some sort of event tonight, but head down there now to see what's going on. Since September 17, many of the issues that Wall Street protesters have been griping over include the banks, the bailouts, income inequality, student debt, and corporations in general. For more information, visit OccupyWallSt.org

Big Sean Debuts “All I Know” at Best Buy Theatre in NYC

We're digging the rock feel. If you're in the city, check out a special performance by Big Sean at the Hudson Hotel tonight as part of the third season of “Rising Icons.” (Wait. Didn't he just have some legal issues? Where did that all go?)

Steve Jobs Created 4-Year Plan Before Death?!

There has been a stream of information coming in lately that recently deceased, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was working on and had completed a four-year plan in the months leading up to his death. Some sources are “implying that Jobs put extra care on it, perhaps fearing that the company would steer away from his vision too soon after his death.”


The Apple iPhone 4S is launching this week, so let’s keep a close eye on what happens over the next three years. Riiiiiight.