Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Channels 19th Century Philosopher?! Odd Future's L.A. Pop-Up Shop! Tupac Biopic Loses Director!


Kanye West Channels Freiedrich Nietzsche in Lawsuit!

"Kanye West has cited 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in an attempt to convince the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the dismissal of a claim he stole his hit song "Stronger" from another songwriter... In a brief submitted Friday, West's lawyers make the case that it's ludicrous for the plaintiff, Vincent Peters, to make a copyright allegation on a rap lyric said to derive from one of Nietzsche's century-old maxims... Earlier this year, a federal judge dismissed the claim, finding not enough substantial similarity between the two songs. Peters was undeterred. As Nietzsche once said: "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth... An appeal to a higher authority was made, giving West's attorney, Carrie Hall at Pryor Cashman, an opportunity to ridicule the plaintiff for his song theft allegations. If the plaintiff were to succeed, Hall writes, "it would create a dangerously low threshold for establishing copyright protection over otherwise commonplace words and phrases."

Any legal heads out there who actually want to get a look at the case documents and such can head over to Billboard to check them out.

Odd Future Open Pop-Up Shop in L.A. For Black Friday!

Odd Future fans in the L.A. area should be real excited right about now. The OF crew took to their Tumblr page a few days ago and wrote the following message about the shop:

"OF/GOLFWANG Pop Up Shop Will Be Open On Black Friday! OF Merch, The GOLF Line, And Other Cool Bull Shit Will Be In The Store (and only the store, some stuff will not see the online store, and every week we add some new shit) For A Month. Come Spend Your Fucking Money And You Never Know, You Might Meet Someone! 410 North Fairfax, Los Angeles CA 90036. Monday Threw Sunday, 12pm Till 5pm. GOLF WANG."

First New York had a "Watch The Throne" pop-up shop, then a "Beats By Dre" one, and now that L.A. is getting their Odd Future on, what's next? No, seriously, what's next?

Busta and Justin Perform for the Holidays!

In the mood for some Biebs and Boyz II Men? If so click here. Am I? 'Ho, ho, hell no,' but don't let that stop you.


-John Singleton has officially dropped out of directing the Tupac biopic. Surprise, surprise.

-Common is planning a remix to his single "Sweet" that will feature Kanye West. He also wants to work with Kendrick Lamar...badly.

-The Jackson Estate has been shopping the rights to the iconic singer's life around Hollywood for several weeks now. Rumor has it that the Jacksons want full control over what is included in the movie and what is left out, so you can imagine what will and wont make the film.

-The F.B.I. has classified the Insane Clown Posse's "Juggalo" movement as a gang. Some of this stuff you just can't make up!

-Anyone hear Lupe's Friend of the People mixtape yet? Thoughts?