Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Makes Diddy Love Hip-Hop Again


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Diddy is the man.

You can hate on him if you want, but he is. Now, he’s talking about his life and times from the moment he fell in love with Hip-Hop.

He talks about slipping out of love with Hip-Hop.

Then came the Kanye West concert and the “Glow In The Dark” tour at Madison’s Square Garden. Check out how Diddy speaks on how Kanye West’s futuristic concert made Diddy Combs fall back in love with Hip-Hop.


I think AllHipHop made Diddy fall in love with Hip-Hop again! Seriously, Kanye, Jay, 50, Diddy...they are all making some serious history and that's just THIS year.


I've been bigging Foxy Brown up forever, before jail, during jail and after jail! Now, she's mad at me and maybe AllHipHop. See, what I did is I put up a rumor about her, but it was something Foxy wanted to say herself to the people. We have been trying to interview Foxy for a long, long minute now. We finally set this AHH exclusive where she tells all in the next few days. There may have been information leaked out that was untinentional and for that I definitely have to admit to the misunderstanding that may have resulted her. Her manager was let go in an amicably fashion and you all can look for Foxy on all these rumors real soon.

On that note, I'm OUT!

Word to Michael and Namon.


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