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I think you recall when I said Young Buck was free of his G-Unit contract, right? If not click here! As of right now, nobody in the Young Buck camp is talking, but Buck said enough right here:

This is your good news for the day.


I feel bad for this dude. He’s still a legend, right? But he’s simply doing anything to get a check and that cannot be good. I had been hearing how wack he was acting on Big Brother UK, but I decided to just let it slide. He’s still a legend, right? But now, I have to report the recent. Apparently, Coolio and a transsexual contestant on the show got into a huge fight and continuously fought over the course of a weekend. For some reason, Coolio HID the transexual’s clothing and got in trouble. He was then to spend some time in the “Dairy Room” (whatever that is) and he then quit. Hopefully, Coolio still gets paid. He’s still a legend, right?


Rumors are flying that Fantasia might be pregnant with COOK. I know, who cares.

Lady GaGa has now admitted to sniffing coke? She should do a song with Paris and Soulja! It would be a hit!

Nicki Minaj announced that her marriage to Drake was “annulled” over the weekend. Gotcha!

I heard that there is a new Hip-Hop trend in Virginia where the dudes where snakes around their neck like gold chains in the 80s.

Nicki Minaj has revealed that Diddy is not managing her! Who is then?

Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka where in Queens, 50’s hood on August 29 to give back to the community. They played basketball together. No beef at all!

Shout out to Inspectah Deck. The Wu brother lost his mother on Sunday. Rest In Peace, Mom.


B. Pumper has said he would give up porn to rap with 50 Cent.

On the flip side, Pumper has a young female cousin that is now getting into porn and she’s DISSING her own flesh-n-blood.


Jasiri X has decided to spit over the “Power” remix, but he’s not entering into my contest. He spit his verse from the perspective of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a response to that racist scumbag, fake Rush Limburger Glen Beck. Written from the perspective of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jasiri X responds to Glenn Beck's rally and the growing racial and economic divide in America. From the police's brutal beating of Jordan Miles in Pittsburgh and murder of Oscar Grant in Oakland, the increasing poverty and joblessness, to the ever expanding racial division lead by the rhetoric of those like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin...Dr. King's dream has turned into a nightmare.


 Carmelo Anthony threatens Kat Stacks, Chris Brown calls Rihanna wack, Young Buck in rehab, and Black Rob wants to be a bad boy again.

I know some of you are seriously sick of Kat Stacks and no I am not eating her you know what. I would guess it taste mighty fine since twiggaz just can't leave it alone. Anyway over the weekend Carmelo Anthony threatened Kat Stacks. He basically put a hit out on her over twitter with a 5 stacks grand prize. Her twitter page was just lit the fuck up over the weekend. Something about playing with 50 Cent blackberry as well. I guess she wants a shot at the NBA stars now. Lala came through and unleashed some BK and let it be known she would scrap a Kat Stacks down.

Kat Stacks is mad at me because she said I tried to set her up on my radio show because Bart cleared some things up but I can't control what people say on my radio show. Kat Stacks know I love her. I mean she keep the internet buzzing don't front. She is more entertaining than most of these corny urban bloggers. Oh yeah and for some reason her and Jenna Shea are cool again. Now Kat Stack you know she just wants to ride your wave again since the Soulja Boy coke incident got you popping like fish grease.

Brown allegedly called Rihanna wack over twitter. It seems like since Kanye has been the next best thing to twitter since the trending topic #Lilmamais (I still crack up at that) every celeb wants to control their own twitter account. Rihanna decided she wanted to take control on twitter and sent out a tweet letting it be known there will be no more corny label tweets. After that Chris Brown tweeted. Twitter just got wack! Now this could be a reach because lord knows what he was talking about. #imjustsayin innocent until proven guilty.

DJ Jazzy Jeff was kicked out an event dedicated to DJ AM (may he rest in peace) this past week in Las Vegas. This comes off as a surprise beacause he was the headlining DJ for the event. Word is management was not happy with the music DJ Jazzy Jeff was playing and decided to have him escorted out by security. Now this had to be a damper on the party. I wonder what caused this? DJ Jazzy Jeff is known to be one of the best DJs on earth.

So Young Buck. Yeah remember him? He use to roll with 50 Cent and G-Unit. He became a member when Yayo got locked up.Got it now? Ok lets go on because I can't front I almost forgot who he was as well. Young Buck will be dropping his street album "The Rehab" after all. I guess this is good news. I just hope Young Buck still has some fire in him to unleash on the mic. It will be a great disappointment if he releases some wack material after all this time.

Black Rob wants to sign with Diddy again. Yuuup! yes he does. If you saw the videos of where he threw Diddy under the bus and then scooped him from under the bus then you would know the scoop.. Black Rob bashed Diddy for being a snake and something about stealing G-Dep. I am still not clear on that part so get me to lying. Black Rob did state he would like to reconcile with the label. I don't know why would Black Rob want to do that. Diddy can barely get Last Train 2 Paris off the shelve. I mean lets face it Diddy is washed up when it comes to this music thing. Black Rob your past your prime go get a independent deal and sitdown.com/shutup. #thatisall (Illseed doesn't agree! Sign BR, Diddy!)

Lauryn Hill Rocks the Bells with Mary J Blige, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Chris Rock and John Legend. Some legends just will always have it because she rocked out for sure. Now about that fit she was rocking don't ask me because I don't even have a clue. I don't think we up on that yet.Kelly Rowland just give my homie illseed one date. Just one.

We Hip-Hop Baby!

Jazzy F signing off but oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys that I am Kat Stacks' tutor. We are currently working on times tables.

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