Hip-Hop Rumors: Kat Stacks Snitches On Carmelo! 50's Threats!


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Yesterday, I posted the chopped and screwed version of "I'ma Boss," a song that features both Rick Ross and Slim Thug. Shout out to Country Boi! Who was the best on it?


I noticed a lot of people do a lot of talking trash on twitter, but looks like Kat Stacks decided to bring in the law on Carmelo.

Here is what Melo did first. He says his account was hacked.


Do you remember Lil Zane? He was like a bigger Lil Bow Wow minus the success. I heard he's BACK! I heard dude has been off the scene because he's been caring for his ailing mother. I send that off to all my Twitter Family, who had their jokes! Here is a recent picture and the new rumors comes next.

Here you go, from one of my readers:

OK illseee, Real Quick I went out to club Kress in Hollywood this weekend with out knowing i step in and they say in Bizzy Bone is suppose to perform at Midnight.

Midnight came and No Bizzy people start asking WTF is up so the guy was a no Show i heard maybe a money issue not to sure but long and behold I Don't know where the fuck the Promoter Found Lil Zane under a Rock on Some Last Min Shit ye Lil Zane you from Back in the days with 112 and shit well the last time I saw this guy was back in 03 on the back of a Milk Carton lmao any ways Dude started performing with out a Shirt and first Dam the Dude is LIL he a petite lil fucker N E Ways his first song was Anywhere he did his verse and he continued for the next 15min with a Hole bunch of Songs no one had ever heard half the club walked out on him and the few groupies that Stayed where like "Is That Lil Bow Wow" lmao poor guy then he proceeded to walk around the club no one really gave a Dam even with the Camera guy except for a Couple of fat girls taking Pictures

this was a 21 and over spot and this guy ain't had a song out since 2000 I'm not surprised no one knew who he was

your boy J Smooth from LA Out


Peep what I scooped off one of my source African sites, VintageEva.com about R. Kelly in Angola.

R Kelly’s concert took place this saturday (28th) in one of Luanda’s stadiums. The show had been highly anticipated and there was a huge hype about it. The tickets started at $50!! Good idea if your goal is to get a sold out concert in a football stadium. Obviously the concert wasn’t sold out and the audience was quite disappointed as they expected to see their idol perform the songs they grew up listening to. Instead, they were surprised with a bunch of unknown songs they never heard before for almost the whole show!


I wonder how the Hip-Hop World takes this on….50 Cent is about to come back as a heartless monster, he says. I thought ht was always that. Well, he’s generally going buckwild on Twitter, as you can see, but recently he took specific aim at Diddy! “Sept 6 the return of the heartless mosterDon’t miss it! Total mayhem. Puffys a fun boy a happy man, a fruit loop a lucky charm a skittle chase the rainbow lol Sept 6! Mayhem” Now, Diddy has been going against this in subtle ways with his Love Movement or something like that. He’s not mentioning any names, but he’s just talking about haters and being suckerfree or something. I don’t know. Maybe he and 50 can have a “smooth off.”


I have been informed that for the people in NY, we’ll be giving away some tickets for this event and we’re working on Detroit.


Comerica Park

Detroit, MI

07:30 PM

Eminem & Jay-Z


Comerica Park

Detroit, MI

07:30 PM

Eminem & Jay-Z


Yankee Stadium

Bronx, NY

07:30 PM

Jay-Z & Eminem


Yankee Stadium

Bronx, NY

07:30 PM

Jay-Z & Eminem

Here are some of Jay-Z’s Yankee gear:


Shout out to my Seattle homeboy, who send me this. For those that don’t know, Brandon Jennings “is an American professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA.” It seems like these NBA cats are all coming clean. Peep how he gets down to some Lady Gaga. Brandon is from Compton. This ain’t the Compton that Ice Cube, Dre, Eazy and Ren rapped about the year Bran Bran was born in 1989.


Grammy Award winner Layzie Bone of the platinum selling group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, is planning to sue a fan over a 2005 incident where the rapper almost got his finger bitten off by an irrate fan. Layzie Bone was over-heard this week by the press telling his "Bone camp" about the plan to sue the fan. Its not known how much Layzie Bone is asking for in the case. The September 2005 incident caught the attention of the media. Layzie Bone was in his room with his wife when they brought some fans up to the hotel room to hang out, and that's when it occured. The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony group has been rumored to be in talks with Sumerian Records for a possible rock-n-roll album.


Ginuwine didn't show up to perform at 1234 Night Club in Montreal,Canada on Sunday August 29 2010. WHY? I don't know all the reasons, but he and the promoters didn't see eye to eye on some things. Ginny made it for sound check but he apparently had some additional demands for the promoters and the promoters refused to honor them. They got Lil Zane to perform in Ginuwine's place. LMAO! Just kidding!


I may need to tell Mikey T to hold off on his Bang Em Smurf rumors a bit! Sheeeeeeet! But I was talking to Bang 'Em Smurf on Twitter and he had some interesting things to say! Here is the Mikey T report..,unedited and from the hood!

Whats good it's the kid @MTMovieStar better known as Mikey T The Movie Star back with the hottest in news & rumors ....

This Goes back a few years 2 the real G-unit of 02 when Bang Em Smurf & Domination were banging hard for the unit as well as many other pre - fame gunit members , Domination speaks on taking heat from his block , bang em smurf & 50 CENT over accepting music from Eminem back in 1999...peep what he says...


By AHH Staff

When the topic of female MC’s comes up, most people mention Nicki Minaj or an artist from the 90’s. But, Queen Yonasda, an artist that is the granddaughter of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, is seizing the reigns. Yonasda has been on the grind, but not just the Hip-Hop grind. She’s been in the community working for the people in philanthropic movements for Haiti and immigration rights in Arizona. Here is the official video for “So Special,” which evokes the Denzel Washington film “Book of Eli.”


Alison Alsbrooks Scurry is a dirty woman. The 31-year-old South Carolina woman was jailed after she was allegedly raising her kids in a house that looked more like a landfill. She reportedly had a over a FOOT of trash throughout the whole house. It was literally a flood of TRASH. The kids were totally neglected and police say they were living in absolute filth. The kids were 8, 9 and 10 and a neighbor snitched on Alison, calling her out. After being caught, Alison complained about how hard it is to be a single parent and that she was trying to get her life in order. She failed. Her kids are in foster care and she’s in jail.

TRASH LADY, WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR IN-HOUSE LADNFILL!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!