Hip-Hop Rumors: Kat Stacks vs Rosa Acosta? Teairra vs Rihanna? More Beef!


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.JAZZY F CHECKS IN!

Jazzy F is one of the other people that lends a rumor hand. Here's some stuff he collected.

The Ladies of Hip-Hop

knows Beef

Whats Goodie Jazzy F. Baby from TheSocietyOnline.biz on the check in with illseed on ALLHIPHOP.com Rumors and today we talking about BEEF but now days seem like the ladies keep the BEEF going full force get into it below as I GO IN!

Nicki Minaj & Eve


Nicki Minaj got more BEEF and when you on top what else do

you expect. Jazzy F. Baby is hearing that when asked about Nicki Minaj, Eve the

Ruff Ryders first lady or as Foxy Brown would call her the rapping yorkie has

stated that Nicki Minaj is no competition to her or rather no one is competition

for her.

Tierra Mari & Rihanna BEEF still?

Tierra Mari sat down with Bossip.com to clear up all the

rumors that there was beef with her and Rihanna. She stated that this was just

rumors that the media had made up. Tierra Mari and Rihanna were bothe signed to

Def Jam at the same time so they spent time around one another. Tierra states

that even during this time there was no beef between the two and they were

always nice to one another, so the answer to this BEEF is there is and was

never any BEEF. Check the video below.

Rosa Acosta & Kat Stacks BEEF

Kat Stacks might wanna slap the dog you know what out of Rosa Acosta since a video has surfaced of Rosa Acosta imitating Kat Stacks talking about getting it in with blogger chicks, well mainly her fellow plastic shoe wearing friend. I can’t front this was actually kind of funny but GoSitDown.com Rosa Acosta. Check the video below.

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