Hip-Hop Rumors: Katt Williams Slaps Fire Out A Target Worker! Chris Brown Is Back! Ryan Leslie Is Too!

AllHipHop Staff

Not a lot is going on in the world of rumors. Here's just some of the stuff floating in the cesspool.

I don't think I follow Chris Brown on Twitter, but I've got word that he's back on Twitter! They just needed to let the heat die down from the blowback from that fiasco with the comedian. But CB brought a friend: RiRi! Dude is rubbing it in everybody's face at this point. I just proclaimed my Person of the Year, but I think I may have to change it to Chris Brown. Dude is a G.

Here's the pic.

Other than that, not a lot is going on.

Unfortunately, Miguel Cotto lost. That sucked, but good for Austin Trout, the champ.

Katt Williams slapped fire out of a worker at Target. Apparently, there was a target there.

That dude had GREAT composure! Wow, Katt may have caught a bad one with a ill figure four on the floor.

Here is the aftermath, but watch how Katt rolls out.

I took it easy on Ryan Leslie when he was forced to pay a million for that laptop that was stolen from him. He had put up a $1million and somebody actually found it. A court forced him to pay that paper, but R. Les has reason to be pissed! First, he's upset a bit and commented on a report that called him a "rap weasel." But he's got a real reason to be mad. The music wasn't even on the damn laptop! But, he's not even a rapper! Oh well.

R. Les looked like he was going to cry a bit. I would too if I lost a mill and all that music!

Illseed, Out.



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