Hip-Hop Rumors: Kay vs Dre! Lil Wayne's Baby Mom! Jay-Z's Still Recording! Nick Cannon Not Engaged!

NICK CANNON NOT GETTING MARRIED!Dayum, Nick! I should have known when I saw the images of Nick with some chick in a room. Well, Nick and his former fiancée, Selita Ebanks, are now not getting married. Not only that, they have split up and decided to focus on their own careers. I wonder what really happened? People magazine reports, that Melissa Raubvogel – her representative – delivered the news. "Selita and Nick are taking a break to focus on their careers but still very much love each other and remain the best of friends," said Raubvogel. They got engaged about five months ago in a big “tadoo” in Times Square. Oh well, easy come…easy GO. KAY SLAY VS DRE DRE????

First things first – huge shout out to CHRIS MILAN and FOUNDATIONMAG.COM!

Chris passed this info to AllHipHop.com on his exclusive conversation with Kay Slay. Here are some humdingers in the interview.

“We raped Jive…” Slay says. I guess they did take that $1.5 million home. Can I get a loan?

“I’m just trying not to s**t on nobody. But A& R’s have to let the artists be themselves. Chris Lighty was Pap’s A&R. When Chris left Jive, it had me scratching my head to see who was [going to be] appointed to us. Then they gave us Lionel Ritchie’s A&R. Dude must have been 60. I told Pap right then, ‘Your album is not coming out on this label.’ I knew it. Stevie Wonder could see what the f**k was going on [Laughs]. Him and Ray Charles could see what the f**k was going on. To see this dude walk in the f**kin studio, I was like, ‘Are you serious? A sixty-year-old Caucasian A&R?’”

On the Dr. Dre issue, he said that there is another song with Papoose and the good Doc in the vault… Dre just won’t give it up. One of the songs has already been released to the streets. I wonder why they can't get the other one?

Kay Slay said, “No. There were no samples in it. Fuck Dre. I don’t even wanna give him no props, dog. He’s on another planet. Even Busta ain’t talking with Dre.” ALLEGEDLY!

Check out the rest of the interview that goes more in depth, plus Slay talks about 50, Nas, Kanye, Bun-B and Lil Wayne!!!"



You know Wayne has been associated with a lot of women and his original love has been quiet, but she’s talking now. Toya, who we have had in picture form in the rumors, is stepping forward to Vibe. She is voicing her opinion about Weezy the father and the husband. Here are some of her words.

Yeah, the reason I was speaking out is because I feel like being a baby mother, I'm bound by unwritten code - a code of silence. So most rappers... I'm not going to say rappers - Dwayne - they say things because they know we will never get the chance to voice the truth and we just have to suck it up because this is the way we eat. But I've come to a point where I'm really fed up with it. A person can only take so much.

He proposed to me twice. His mother didn't ask him to go around asking girls to have a baby. That didn't happen. My daughter came about because we were in love and young. There's just a lot of things that he said in his interview that just is not true. Like Wayne will call me all the time when he's not having a good day just to talk.


From what I understand that tracklisting for Jay-Z’s new CD isn’t quite finished. Well, you know for pre-sales and the like, they needed to get something up, I heard. Still, I heard Hovito is still doing songs to add on to his latest masterpiece. Anyway..its all good to the go. I’m almost certain that the CD is going to drop on Nov. 6, but I am quietly hearing that they may miss the deadline if the songs aren’t all there. I know its dropping on time.

What I also heard is that Jay-Z sent for a top UK photographer to be flown to the US for the images inside of the American Gangster CD. I hear the photog with arrive this weekend. I heard this super picture taker could easily change the artwork of the CD we have adopted as the official CD cover. We’ll see, eh?

By the way, Jay-Z’s American Gangster is not the soundtrack, it’s an album inspired by the movie. The legendary Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy fame produced some tracks on the CD.

The final album sequence is: 1. Do You Feel Me (Anthony Hamilton) * 2. Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? (Lowell Fulson) * 3. No Shoes (John Lee Hooker) * 4. Across 110th Street (Bobby Womack) * 5. Stone, Cold (Anthony Hamilton) * 6. Hold On I’m Comin’ (Sam & Dave) * 7. I’ll Take You There (the Staple Singers) * 8. Can’t Truss It (Public Enemy) * 9 Checkin’ Up On My Baby (Hank Shocklee) * 10. Club Jam (Hank Shocklee) * 11. Railroad (Hank Shocklee) * 12. Nicky Barnes (Hank Shocklee) * 13. Hundred Percent Pure (Marc Streitenfeld) * 14. Frank Lucas (Marc Streitenfeld).


Man, what in the “Jim Brown” is going on? I am hearing rumors that Meagan good might be pregnant by that running back Thomas Jones! Now, I don’t know where all this started, but I heard he did a radio interview and when they asked him…he didn’t answer. So, he was asked if Meagan was pregnant and he just didn’t answer. Well, its time for some answers!! HOLLA!


I’m just kidding about them being the new Bobby and Whitney, but they seem to be back together or something. I mean, she seemed to be airing him out in the new issue of Essence talking, “I just couldn’t submit. But I loved him. That’s the crazy thing about it. It’s been hard because I really missed that child.” Then, Jeezy replied to AHH saying that it was a lot of album promoting going on and he didn’t really care. Well, they were seen really snuggly and friendly at Jeezy’s Hangar Party. I guess, we’ll see.


If you look like Biggie Smalls, you now have a new lease on life! If you are in the New York area and have that nasal sound along with the girth and flow, you can audition for the “Notorious“ movie. They are having open auditions at City Stages on 435 West 19th Street on Saturday, October 6th. If you are not there by 10am, don’t bother!


In this day and age, it is commonplace for men and women to air everything out. We write books, put it in lyrics, radio interviews and the press. Not Shaq. We all know the rumors about his wife Shaunie, who allegedly stashed money away for a lover. Shaq’s not talking. On top of everything, I heard that the trainer in question might be a female. Check out what he had to say about it:

"That is something that I won't discuss now and I won't discuss 10 years from now. I won't ever discuss it. If I ever have a bad game or bad couple of games, I won't blame it on that. This is something that I obviously have to deal with and I'm going to deal with it the best way possible."


Jadakiss caught a break! The rapper was arrested about a year ago on gun and drug charges. He proclaimed his innocence and guess what – he was! The DA dropped all the charges. Here is some of the report from the Associated Press.

His lawyer said it was "a travesty that the case went this far."

The Westchester County district attorney's office asked a judge last week to dismiss the charges against Jadakiss, whose real name is Jason Phillips, and a co-defendant, Kristian Smith.

A jury last month acquitted Frazier after DNA tests did not link any of the three to the gun.

Jadakiss' attorney, Clement Patti, said the rapper "has had this cloud over his head for a year, affecting his career."


Ashanti is looking better than ever, but her “wig” still got pushed back. The Declaration was coming out on Dec. 4, but now that’s Dec. 11.

Also, Mary J will now drop two weeks after Mariah so there will be no R&B clash of the titans.

Eva Mendes ain’t pregnant and she even stated that she never wants to have kids. Well. Eva..what if you mother said that?

With all this baby talk and denial, congrats are in order. Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis, 44, and his 22-year-old girlfriend had their baby yesterday. This is the first child for the well-known Californicator.

Punky Brewster aka actress Soleil Moon Frye is pregnant with her second child.

Nicole Richie might be plump with that baby in the oven, but she’s not getting married to Joel Madden, her rock boyfriend. He’s going on tour with Good Charlotte next week. Be a father – if not, why bother?

Rumor has it, Chris Brown tapped Superhead raw dog? No way…he’s smarter than that and he was giving Fat Man Scoop relationship advice.

Eva Longoria’s so-called sex tape is just a prank. Porn sites even tried to sell it saying it actually exists.

They can’t get OJ Simpson! After he got arrested in Vegas, they saw he had on a Rolex watch, which he was ordered to give to the Goldman family for their $38 million wrongful death suit. Surprise – it was a fake Rolex. LOL.

I want to send a shout out to Timbeeze, who has been down with me for years. Also, I want to send a shout out to Joe Bruno, who hates me. I love it all – love and hate.




I remember when Alfamega first came out. With his anti-KKK CD cover I thought he was about more than ducktaping kids. LOL…oh well.

So, what I did - I decided to split up the rumors, because they were getting too long for one page. I am posting the rest of them today, but later. Also, I will announce the winner of the Ray-J new name contest.

BRB IN THE AFTERNOON...(BBL lost - Remember that? "Be Back Later?")


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