Hip-Hop Rumors: Keri Hilson Said What About Africa?

Well let me tell you…I was about to be pissed at Keri Hilson! I was about to get ill, son! It seems that I was almost the victim of a prank like so many other people were. But I knew my Kelly Rowland-runner up Boo would never diss the Motherland. Anyway, there was a lot of convo about how few people attended a Keri Hilson show over in Ghana. Somebody posted pics of an empty venue and that Keri spent so much time going over there on Turkey Day. Then they say she dissed them, but there is more:

keri fake tweet

But, wait a sec. That's NOT what happened thank GOD. Some fool that had nothing more to do on THANKSGIVING, made a terrible photoshop pic depicting Keri as some idiot. And she's not. Soooooooooo…..here is what she really said:




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