Hip-Hop Rumors: Kim Kardashian Aborts Blacks? More On Jay-Z vs Hammer! Diddy Explains Nicki Minaj!


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LOL! Seriously, Kim K. isn't even White...she is actually Armenian. BUT, she has the ability to pass and rumors say she has passed on the brothers. After dating several high-profile Black men and guys of color, she's crossing over. Rumor has it, she is now dating John Mayer, a slap in the face of African Americans nationwide! I'm kidding, but that's the rumor. Blah. This just more trash, but it is being reported by the New York Post's Page 6.


So, I got some info for you. Right now, my sources say LA Reid is going to be done in January. From what I understand, he's basically riding out the last leg of his contract and will not continue afterwards. From what I get, this was a mutual decision and Def Jam definitely didn't want it to seem like they were sh**ting on him as he left. Last night, he and Mariah got back together and unveiled her plans to do a Christmas album. So, there are no issues and I don't think anybody is angry. I just think the time to move on has come. I will say this though, other people under Reid are definitely worried about their job security as a new regime comes in. So, we may see other changes implemented. (Dream, watch your back.)


I will admit to this, some of my sources in Def Jam gave me some bad info! Rick Ross is staying at Def Jam and he's not going to Interscope on bit. On of the AHH staff members got somebody that REALLY know what's going on and they said Ross is staying right there at Def Jam. Males sense. So, that's for sure.


Here is another video cats may like. If you didn't know, the fight for justice in the Oscar Grant case continues in the Bay area. Here is a video from a cat named Unity and it features stic.man of dead prez.

There will be another huge rally at city hall out there in Oakland scheduled for Nov 5th, the day of Johanis Messerly's sentencing. Organizers want to saturate the people with this positive message so that they know what's going on and are ready to get active worldwide. The video has been serviced and is running on major TV networks in mainstream video playlists nation wide.


Yesterday, Lupe just cold got dumb on twitter with MTV. When I just "dumb" I mean that in a Just Ice sort of way.

Oh snap…MTV (illuminati’s favorite network) back on the attack…why can’t y’all just chill out? Salacious banality @ the speed of light? I think I’ve been very good natured with you. I personally know several employees of your company. You guys know me as well. I’m confused. Where is the true music journalism??? where is Suchin?!! What happened? Where are the honest critiques of cultural expression? For it’s not about being RIGHT it’s about being HOT Fame over self-awareness and virtue Hedonism over self respect Celebrity over cerebral. A destroying force in our culture and society just like rest of the useless vapid spectacles that pour out of our tv’s and radios. What are we supposed to be learning from you? What is your point? Do you have a point beyond corporate sponsored distraction? Your a materialistic shell of your former self that can only identify with celebrity pageantry and instant gratification. Corporate garbage pushing plastic lifestyles and wasteful, destructive behavior into the brains of the youth of the world. So when your relevance thins in2 a whisper & the stock price collapses and you have 2 come 2 grips with the mess you made. I’ll be here 4 ya. We’ll be here. With hands full of baby powder 2 smack some sense back into your body & a warm shoulder to cry on. We want the REAL MTV back!


I know, people have totally forgotten about this one by now, but I got a recent tip that seems to give insight on what happened here. Now, you know Hammer is a serious Christian. Remember, how Kanye West used to be with the whole "Jesus Walks" period of time? Well, I heard Hammer sort of became endeared by Kanye's affinity for Christianity. So, I heard, Hammer had a conversation with him about Jay-Z, who he now refers to as "hell boy" or "the beast." Well....I don't know what happened after that, but I heard something got back to Jay and caused Jay to go at Hammer. I'm sure the truth will come out, but these are the rumors from the sources I have.


Baracka Flacka Flame - "Head of the State"

This is tooooooooooooooooo funny! Shout out to BlackNFunny.com for the link! haha!



Somebody took that song Drake got "You Fancy, Huh" and played it backward...and...it says? I don't know! LOL! The dude says backwards it says "Satan Is Here For You." Now, come ON, people! This is a classic classic case of somebody with TOO MUCH TIME on their hands!


He spoke with Funk Master Flex and got a lot off his chest."I'm basically just as the industry changes, you gotta change with the industry just as a hustler. I have a lot of knowledge I feel I have to give to artists and a lot of ways I can help their brand go to the next level. It has grown to be not just about me, not just about Bad Boy but the future brands that are coming up and the future super stars. I feel I have an obligation to help them and I feel there's a way we can get some money together. As far as with [Rick] Ross, I feel we've done a great job. With the Nicki thing, that was even something me and her made sure we didn't define or kept a mystery. So I don't go around saying I'm her manager. We work together in a certain type of unofficial capacity. But I don't really know where they really got that from. We still work together but it's not about going around saying I'm her manager -- she really does a lot of things by herself. And whatever ways I can assist the situation, or whatever that title is, that's what I do. I play my position on the team..."



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