Hip-Hop Rumors: Kim Kardashian Hurt By Nicki Minaj SNL Skit

Awww looks like Kim is taking a few notes from hubby Kanye and is losing her sense of humor.

The reality star is acting as though the skit performed by Nicki Minaj on SNL didn't get to her, but according to sources it in fact did.

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Hollywood Life reports:

"She actually is acting like she loved it. She thought it was funny but definitely mean-spirited and was upset but didn’t get mad at all in front of certain people,” our source reveals.

“She doesn’t want people to think it got to her but it did. She wants to send flowers over to show her support and look like the good guy but Kim thought it was a little mean for sure,” the insider adds."

Peep the skit below and decide for yourself if Kim should get out her feelings:

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