Hip-Hop Rumors: Kriss Kross' Chris Kelly Cause of Death? JD Rumors And Pictures!

WOW. The Mac Daddy of Kriss Kross is dead. Once upon a time there were these things called kid rappers and they actually rapped like kids. Well Kriss Kross were kid rappers. They weren't like Keef or the other "kids" like Lil Poop or whatever the f**k is out there now. Those guys are kids age wise but adults in content. Anyway, RIP Chris Kelly. Dude left his mark. TMZ is reporting that Chris's death may have something to do with drugs. As of press time, nobody really knows, but there is nothing natural about a 34 year old dying so I don't want to hear about it being that.

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I ain't gonna lie, Chris had me trippin' with a fan caught him out in the town like this.


But, he was pretty cool like that. He took that internet clowning with a grain of salt and kept pushing along.

And, the mainstream media got it wrong again and momentarily had people thinking JD died.:

Here are some other pics.

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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