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Also, posed a very important question about Barack Obama as it relates to G.W. Bush. Click here. It is a very simple question.


Tonight is going to be the big fight. I can’t wait! While I think Joe Calzaghe is one of the most talented boxers out, I really want to see Roy Jones, Jr. pull this one out. Roy has been the best and taken tremendous falls in his career. I want to see him exit on a high note. On the flip side, Joe isn’t a spring chicken either so, if HE wins, he plans to retire.

We interviewed both men.

Click here for Roy Jones, Jr.

Click here for Joe Calzaghe.

I predict the fighter with the more comments wins! Lol!


Lets Recap.. MTV EURO AWARDS went down! And Kanye's New Video...

Estelle and Kanye American Boy

Kanye West Love Lockdown

Check out performances from Kanye and Estelle who seemed to rip it up, although I could do without Kanyes out of tune high pitched voice lol! Other than that the show looked good! Beyonce also performed but I'm tired of her right about now and her imaginary friend Sasha LOL! But Illseed would be happy to know Kelly's Back ("Lord, yes!)" says illseed!):

And looking better than ever if you ask me! and Kanye's new vid heartless is out:

Now that that's out the way... Thriller goes to Broadway:

MJ's all time greatest single (at least in my opinion) Thriller will be hitting the stage in the US and UK. The Thriller concept will be used to produce two separate productions directed by Broadway guru Jimmy Nederlander. The musical is looking for someone to play Michael and the description for the part goes a little something like this:

Looking for a young black, African-American or dual heritage boy aged 11 to 15 with an excellent unbroken pop/rock voice with a high range, who is exciting, confident and energetic.”

Open auditions take place on November 23 at the Lyric Theatre, where singers will be asked to sing either Ben, I Want You Back, or I’ll Be There.

Now while the musical may not hit the big stage until a couple more years I hear the UK may be ready to bring the production to life as early as January of 09! This could be pretty interesting. Too bad Sony owns all the rights though :-(

Janet no Pain no gain... Unless you gain weight and lose your book deal...

Poor Janet's career seems to be down the shi**er! Not only has her tour been a total bust but she has also lost a Diet Book Deal with a publishing company due to the fact that she has packed on some pounds :-( My fav publication the Natl Enquirer (yes folks I did say my favorite) is reporting that the publishing company has postponed the book indefinitely and that it was a mutual decision! This seems to be becoming a trend for Janet... Every time something bad happens in her career its a mutual decision... She gets dropped from her label (mutual decision) she gets dropped from her book deal (mutual decision) She decides to DO Jermaine Dupri... Well maybe not everything... 

Snaps to the Kids.. happy Belated B-Day to Diddy... and Cassie and Lauren get Back to Work!

Diddy brought in his B Day with a birthday celebration and an Election party all in one at NYC's infamous Mansion nightclub! And while Diddy partied the night away his bust it baby Cassie does her modeling thing with my girl Lauren London in the New Sean John Women's Ads...

At least Cassie is good at something and its a great way to stay on the payroll if I might add! 

Lady Dramas Food for Thought:

Is anyone else feeling offended by Obamas face being plastered over every club flyer this weekend? Why must we always have a re-course of hustlenomics 24/7? Anything to make a profit LOL

If Carmelo can cut his braids for Obama why cant everyone else? I'm all about waves for the babes!

Another happy Birthday to Diddy although Im convinced he's been a part of the 30 club for way too long? I'm just sayin...

I hear Kelly Rowland is dating some Billionaire... Finally she makes a career move that will hold her spot in the game! I knew she had something underneath all that hair :-)

I'm out guys! Have a great weekend.. I think we all deserve it! Love me or leave me alone!

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