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LIL SCRAPPY ARRESTED AND STABBED?Lil Scrappy has been reportedly arrested and jailed in Dekalb County Jail for marijuana possession, firearm/knife possession, and other stuff like obstruction. But wait a sec…what happened? He also allegedly got stabbed himself and then hauled off to jail. Or is that hauled off to the hospital? I heard he is in stable condition after getting jammied with a knife. This all happened around the midnight hour and Scrappy now seems to be facing some serious felony charges. Thanks to the good folks at Stylerazzi. They not only do fashion, but stabbings and alleged criminal activity. FLOYD IS MOVING INTO HIP HOPFloyd Mayweather really is leaving the game. I heard that he has started to work with a bunch of managers and producers to put out his artist P-Reala’s album on Philthy Rich Records. Now, again – the rumors of him getting KO’d or whatevever a patently false. I’m sure there are people that want to see Floyd go out like that though. Do you remember the 4th of July celebration Floyd had? I heard all the stars were there - Ashanti, Lauren London, Vivica Fox, Reginia King, Ray J, Trey Songz, Tank, J Holiday, Jackie Long, Keyshia Cole and Lil Jon – ok, not all stars, but mostly. Somebody told me that Floyd made is rain with like about $30,000 and that that’s his way of “giving back.” They told me it was “all Katrina” when Floyd made it rain. EVERLAST TURNS MUSLIM?

I don't know exactly how true this is, but I have a source

that is close to Everlast, the lead rapper in House of Pain. Yeah, the dude

that wrote "Jump Around" and used to be down with Ice-T and the Rhyme

Syndicate. So a

friend of a friend just told me that Everlast is now a radical Muslim! I'm not exactly sure what constitutes "radical" so don't get your imagination in a frenzy. He's

gone through many fazes as an artist, but now the label he's own is reportedly

not fully behind him. He's not getting the Nas treatment. From what I heard, they

were getting ready to start the publicity/marketing run for his new album, but

the album has now been pushed back. They asked Everlast to tone down some of

the views he was pushing forth on the project. 

Now I don't see what the issue is with an Irish b-boy with a

predisposition to rock and Muslim religion.



This is dope and proves that people are crazier. When you

are looking to do a crime like – say – hook up a sexual tryst with an underage

girl, WHAT DO YOU WEAR? You're grown. A

suit? Do you try to look young? Well, 33-year-old Daniel Everett decided to

wear a "World's Greatest Dad" t-shirt when he allegedly tried to have

sex with a 14-year-old girl he met online. Everett, who is from Michigan, was wearing the

t-shirt at the time of the plot. Well, it so happened that the 14 year old was

an undercover cop in a sting operation.


DMC Going Under the Knife - recovering.

Darryl McDaniels, The DMC of Run-DMC

was admitted to a hospital yesterday to remove blood clots from one of his

arms. It seems the rap icon started experiencing pain and swelling and the

clots were located after a visit to his doctor. We wish you wellness, DMC! go to the news section for the full story.

Pitbull Talks Bout Throwing His Hat in the Fashion Ring

'I wanna do women's

heels. Everybody else [in hip-hop] does tennis shoes. But I have always had a fetish for heels. I like them tall. But not like Jimmy Choos. They're too expensive. They can be 50 percent less, even 75 percent less and still be

better shoes. I mean, I ain't knockin' Jimmy Choo's hustle. They're killin'.

Hmmmm. I think I might be

down with some Cuban stilettos. Bring it Pitbull! (I just hope that heel

fetish of his doesn't involve wearing them.)

Jimi Still Rocks

Experience Hendrix is

allowing Activision to use a likeness of Jimi Hendrix and two of his more

popular songs, Purple Haze and The Wind Cries Mary, on their latest

"Guitar Hero" video game release. Please understand as you

think, So?!?, that there are folks out here who are very, very, very excited

about this. Rock on bros!!!

She's Daddy's Little


So Dr. Dre's daughter Manaj

has finally released her DVD with hopes of becoming a big time hardcore rapper.

It is supposed to track her challenges as a newbie artist and put a little

light on what it was like to grow up Dre. According to her convo in the

trailer, her famous father won't help her but is out there helping everyone

else. I wonder how deep the expose is going to get. It's not like Dre is

a media whore. I really hope she respects the parental unit.

Now, here are a couple

things we can take from the trailer and some of the pics floating around

connected to this project:

Manaj is a little on the

hood side.

Manaj likes to smoke them


Manaj does not like to be

fully dressed all the time.

Oh, and there is no way Dre

can EVA say this is not his seed. Take about 100 pounds off of dude and

throw a wig on his head and there you go. Good luck Miss Manaj!(more on this later)


Nas' Album Release Party Was A Mess.... At least

that's what I heard!

You Go Boy......A Raisin in the Sun gets 3 Emmys 

Looks like all Diddy's hard work has paid off, him along with the rest of the

cast have received three Emmy nominations for their TV production of A Raisin

in The Sun which aired on ABC a couple months ago. According to talent news.com:

A Raisin in the Sun' earned 3 nods -- Outstanding Made for Television

Movie, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie (Phylicia Rashad)

and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie (Audra McDonald).

Glad something or rather some other people are getting recognized for great

work ;-) Good job to the cast!

Hey at least I took a break from bashing celebs for a little minute!

Lady Drama's Food For Thought:

Where is Lil Kim? Cause her body is looking for her REAL face?

I hear Terrence Howard and Bill Cosby are beefin..... who you got?

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