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Weekends are generally slow for rumors and whatnot. But, what do you think of what happened to Lloyd Banks in Canada? Whoever beat that Canadian promoter, lit his arse UP! But, that was about all that happened as far as I am concerned. If there is more, let me know at:

Now here is some stuff.


I told you this one once in a rumor and I'm going to tell you again, because a source told ME. That pseudo rock album that Lil Wayne has been trying to force people to like ain't coming out. I got this rumor last year and I was lucky enough to get it again. The Rebirth album's not going to see the light of day. As you know, it has leaked in its totality. The label said that version of the album isn't coming out anyway and a different version will come out in March 2010. I'm speculating here, but they may have a different, non-rock album on deck or something. But, my sources say the rock-with-autotune isn't going to make it.


A Nicki Fan did this video and he says is clears Nicki on the allegations that she's that hood rat lesbian that used to make Remy Ma "eat the box." SMH.


One of my Canadian homies said that only 40 people showed up to that Lloyd Banks concert and that was the real issue. I'm hearing the promoter didn't promote, but Banks wanted that money.

Here is an interview with the dude that got beat down.

Here are some fans mad.


They are saying that Monica Danger has lost her newborn baby. She's been committed a few times...looks like they came and got her.

This sure came out of nowhere! Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Warner (aka Theo from The Cosby Show) are a couple and they are soon to be married. I wonder how true that really is. I had no idea.

Just so you know, I DO know about the Sisqo/thong mess, but I just couldn't bring myself to talk about it. Dude's needs to get it together.

What's the relationship between Lil Wayne and JR Smith of the Denver Nuggets? I know they have matching tats with the Young Money logo, but...what's the deal?


Flex Alexander got totally emotional at a gospel event as he thought about his mother getting off of crack cocaine after 17 years.

Nice to see him grow and evolve. I LOVE THIS COMMERICAL!

Shout out to Santo!


What's good to all my people that love to come to the rumors section and get all the scoop! Well its ya boy Jazzy F. and I'm GOIN IN!

So Lil Kim aka Ms Swan I'm hearing is gearing up for a major comeback. She jumped on Rihanna's "Hard" and performed in NYC over the weekend. I heard she is about to sign a serious deal.

Over the weekend I heard Diamond formerly Crime Mob went live on ustream and was showing off some guns. I assume they were Scrappy guns. She may need them, because I heard Princess has been locked away laying some heat down in the studio we all know Princess is the real talent and Diamond is just eye candy.

Also yall know that video of Jim Jones hinting for a Dipset reunion. I hear there is no reunion planned or in the future at all. Cam ain't thinking about them dudes. Jim Jones bit the hand that gave him everything he got and now he knows he can't sell records without Cam.

Mr Vacant Lot 129th street Dame Grease. You know the producer that Swizz Beatz jacked for his style well he was on twitter saying he spoke to Max B. To be continued. Shout out to Meeno. DopeBoyClassics mix tape coming soon.

I heard all the "Love" show contestants are getting shows now. Stay tuned I will definitely let you guys know who is actually getting their own show. The girl New York done started a frenzy. Its ya boy Jazzy F. Baby and I think I made enough of a mess today so make sure you guys holla @ me on www.twitter.com/itsJazzyFBaby


One last word from Jazzy F. Baby.

So I'm hearing your Yung Berg is having some issues with songs he wrote which was Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (Grammy nominated, produced hits for Mary J. Blige, Rick Ross). Any who, the demo for it (the beat with the hook) leaked last year. It was a record that Yung Berg wrote the hook for the singer (Casha) to do the demo. Somehow it leaked out the music studio, got passed to Carlos Ferragamo and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League gave him the blessing to use the record for keeps. Yung Berg leaked his own version of it, but it's listed as a Rihanna feature, even though it's not Rihanna... it's Casha singing. (Casha did the song "The Business" with Berg). Now, look what has gotten started!

Carlos Ferragamo's version of the song "Baby I'm Back":

Yung Berg's version of the record "I'm Back":


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