Hip-Hop Rumors: LL, 50 Cent and Amy Give Back! Jay-Z Not Finished? T.I. Report!

JAY-Z – NOT FINISHED?We’ve already heard this before, but rumor has it, Jay-Z is stil working on tracks for American Gangster. Now, I don’t know when the cut off is, but I was told that the whole thing had to be finished by last Friday to make the Nov. 6 deadline. While our journalist friends heard a good portion of the CD, I heard there are a number of songs that have yet to be released. Some of the producers on the album have gotten additional tracks on the opus. We’ll see!AMY WINEHOUSE AND HER WEAVEAmy Winehouse is an alleged addict, but she’s an activist that gives back to the community. Apparently, Amy found out that her popular weaves were made in an orphanage in Romanian. Guess what? For Amy’s weave, these kids have to cut all their hair off. Just so she can look outrageous. Amy gave them something like $50,000. NICE, AMY!LL COOL J TOO?When LL Cool J was saying, “I need love,” I was saying, “I need money.” Well, according to the E! Channel, LL did his own gesture of good will recently. LL was talking to a fan and a rose peddler came up to LL and asked the rapper if he wanted to cop a rose for the fan. Well, LL did cop the rose, which caused the man to start crying. Why? He started crying after LL paid him $500 for that rose right there on the spot.T.I. REPORTI know this is a dumb questions, but how did this happen? There are so many places it could have gone and it went “there.”

50 CENT GIVES BACKCheck out 50 Cent with high school kids in Conn.

ILLSEED’S QUICKIESI’m hearing that Britney Spears has threatened to kill herself after having her children taken from her. T.I.’s girlfriend Tiny was released after being arrested. WHEW.Djimon Hounsou is about to knock Kimora up, if she has her way. She reportedly wants moré kids. What do you all think of Nas naming his new CD – N***A?(That was just a lil’ second course of rumors.)


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