Hip-Hop Rumors: LL Cool J Records Jay Diss? Shawnna Sex Tape? Kay Slay Vs. Dr. Dre?


The Hip-Hop nation is looking for the next big, relevant battle and LL vs Jay-Z is what people want. There are rumors abound stating that LL has already recorded a diss song to Jay, where he uses the “Takeover” beat. I heard that LL is revealing insider info on Def Jam and citing artists that have left the label or never had the chance to shine. I haven’t heard it, but if it exists, I know I will soon! This could be the most monumental battle ever.


I heard that 50 Cent is going to jump on the “fragrance” bandwagon. YEP. I heard he has a cologne coming out called “POWER.”

I heard 50 Cent is finishing up his next album for release sometime next year.

The G-Unit crew album is still rumored to be coming out in December.

Trick Daddy reportedly said that he’s trying to sign to G-Unit, but can’t make that move until the Curtis mayhem dies down.

There is also talk that Trick Daddy and Young Buck will do an album together, to be released on G-Unit or Cashville Records. There is rumored to be a track with Buck, Trick Daddy, Young Jeezy and B.G.

I am hearing that J-Hood will not be signed to G-Unit any time soon.


Not exactly! Sorry for the misleading headline. I said this before, but I think it is worth stating a gain. I heard that the Kanye West/50 Cent “battle” was a huge win for the Universal Music company. It is was so big that they are now reportedly planning on releasing two other major acts on the same day - Mary J and Mariah Carey (Geffen and Def Jam respectively)! I don’t know how this will be positioned but, if it creates interest, go for it.


There are a couple of theories running around with the Kay Slay / Dr. Dre situation. I heard that Kay and Papoose requested another beat from Dr. Dre for their new situation they have popping on another label. Well, I heard Dre passed on doing another beat for the BK lyrical monster, for whatever reason. I heard a different variation of this rumor as well. I heard that Dre did two songs with Papoose, but won’t release the second song, for whatever reason! That song is reportedly in the vault of the good doctor and that’s the real reason he’s upset Kay Slay.


It’s been a while since we had a certified sex tape from a star. There are explicit pictures of a woman that looks like Shawnna giving a man a “professional” in a video. It actually looks like it might be Shawnna until you get to the last image and you realize that the chick ain’t the former DTP member. That was a close call! Looks like we’ll have to wait for the next scandal.


It’s your thang, do what you wanna do! I heard that S-N-P might have been in an intense argument during the taping of their upcoming VH1 reality series. From what I heard, it was a taped show and it will be “leaked” to youtube as a promotion for the show. Those of you that know, realize that Salt and Pep have changed their lifestyles quite a bit. Salt is now a married mom and gospel rapper and Pepa is living the wild, single life. This looks like it will be really interesting.


Kanye is something else and his mother is something other than that which Kanye is too. Basically, she compared Kanye to Jesus. Check out what she told the Baltimore Sun.

"Kanye keeps it real," she said. "He touches the people. You never know how words can save a person's life, physically or otherwise. People like Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi or, in my view, Barack Obama, or Jesus Christ — people whose job it is to tell the truth — I see that in Kanye. Now, people like you are gonna go, 'Oh, Kanye's mom said he's like Jesus!' but ... when you have a gift, you didn't get it by yourself. ... Your truth is your truth." ...

This is no big deal. My mom calls me “Oh Omnipotent One.”


According to Ms. Information (I love my way with words! Shout out to Ms. Info!) She revealed that Jay-Z threw Kanye a big party after Yeezy’s Saturday Night Live performance. I heard the private after-party went down at the 40/40 Club in New York. You know, just Jay-Z and Just Blaze on stage, and Hov playing/performing new material off “American Gangster,” and then dispensing free drinks to the crowd, and then Hov rhyming along as Just spun, and Beyonce and LeBron partying until 5 in the morning…..nothing out of the ordinary. Lol, yeah right! Sounds like a legendary night!


Goodness gracias! Kanye sure can hold a grudge, I hear! Kanye is still reportedly mad about the alleged treatment he received at the MTV video music awards in Las Vegas. Well, last week he apparently let it be known that he’s still not feeling MTV. At a Hollywood party last week, Kanye was chillin’ and a random MTV camera crew attempted to piggyback off an interview by US magazine. You know, Kanye stopped them from taping him and allegedly put his hand on their camera the whole time.


My home boys and I were all rooting for Kelly Pavlik to win over Jermain Taylor this weekend and HE DID IT! I like that kid and I knew that he was capable of doing what he did. In the second round, he got caught slipping a bit, but Mayne wasn’t able to finish him, his ultimate undoing. What happened later in the fight was a wrecking ball hitting an abandoned building (aka Pavlik’s fist going upside Jermain’s face). Props to Jermain for being a sports man about it!


A friend of mine was at club BLVD in Manhattan a few days ago and said Jagged Edge and Hurricane Chris were scheduled to perform. Both arrived to much fanfare, however Jagged Edge left the spot early due to tardy bottle service. They had to wait an hour just to get a bottle of whatever R&B super groups drink. LOL! Hurricane Chris did his thing, even though the crowd seemed a lil’ indifferent. What shocked people was Raekwon The Chef with minimal or no security. He came in and took pictures with everybody and made the whole world happy.


If you attended the AHH Art Show a couple weeks ago, you might have been fortunate to see the artwork of Heather Hunter, former porn star-turned-rapper, artist and author. Well, I had figured Heather had given up her wild ways in the interest of the artsy life or something. Last week, Heather had a birthday party and her and her constituents partied until about 5 am. I heard she licked icing off of her best friend’s chest region. Then, everybody there left the party and went to her condo for the after party. Leave it to the cops to mess the party up, which lasted until 8 am. The NYPD unit that tows people, started to tow everybody! I hope they all had their clothing on when they ran out to evade the tow trucks.

By the way, HH is featured on the current version of Fat Man Scoop’s Man & Wife Tv show…I haven’t watched this episode, but I watched this one with Chris Brown and it was hilarious! Check it out right CHEAH!See below: Scoop, Heather and Wife.


Rumor has it Faith Evans will punctuate her comeback by calling her new CD The legendary BIGFAYE. While I love and respect Faith, I would hope that this is a bad rumor. Anyway, rumor has it Biggie’s ex-wife is now down with Interscope Records and will drop in March of 08. I heard that a new movie and book will be included in the promo push of the album.


This is what my boy C. Vernon told me about the beef with Gucci and Big Cat:

Big Cat was just on 107.9 in ATL. He said Gucci has a 4 album deal w/ Big Cat Records the label with whom his first 2 albums were released. He also said he will get a % off Gucci next 2 albums on Atantic. He said he doesn't know why Gucci is mad or why he put out that dis track I mentioned in the last email but he said his paperwork is straight and Gucci owes him two more albums. He even called Guccie ''bipolar''.

This sort of falls under the who cares department, but I think Gucci is hotter than ever (pause) so why would he bug out?


Papoose – in the East – is known as one of the most lyrical dudes of this current era. You would never think he would ever get accused of BITNG? Well, somebody has a strong case. Read what I got from Acafool, a rapper from Tampa, Florida.

Imitation… The highest form of flattery, or theft?

Independent Tampa, Florida music artist Acafool released “Hatablockas” in late 2005. Garnering radio play on over 30 radio stations, the original “Hatablockas” has had more than 4500 spins to date, and landed Acafool on the pages of XXL in December 2006 for Show and Prove.

Recently, fans have started contacting Acafool about a song by Papoose called “Fitted Hat Low,” that uses Acafool’s trademark line “I got my HATABLOCKAS on.” Acafool’s camp reached out to Papoose to discuss the situation, but representative’s for Papoose stated, “We don’t want any drama.” Yet later, email blasts were sent to DJs by Violator to start promoting “Fitted Hat Low” as Papoose’s new song “Hatablockers,” an undeniable theft of Acafool’s title. What’s worse, when a few DJs wouldn’t touch Papoose’s version of “Hatablockas,” a representative from Violator went as far as to say that he had two pairs of HATABLOCKAS (the sunglasses) that he got from Acafool a year earlier in Tampa.

Papoose is quoted as saying, “I never came into this game with no gimmick, I never had to diss nobody to get attention. I always came with pure talent, pure material” (Source: Wikipedia). So we have to ask, whose pure talent and whose pure material? We know that this “new” material from Papoose is definitely not original.

Has coming up with new lyrics and sounds become so difficult that so-called artists like Papoose feel justified in stealing titles and full lines from original songs by original artists? Many artists’ sample or reference key phrases from other artist’s music, but that is not the situation here. This was a theft of intellectual property, property that is a copy written product; even if it weren’t a legal issue, it’s one of respect for the other artists in the game. Just because you like a concept, doesn’t mean you can take it and try to pass it off as your own.

Acafool’s “Hatablockas,” which is still big in the South and overseas, is in rotation and is expanding to other areas of the US.

Acafool is quoted as saying “Be a writer not a biter.”Interesting...


DJ Semtex has a posse. The UK-based DJ has reportedly put together the biggest street team, the UK has ever seen. He got together about 200 beautiful UK ladies to promote Mariah Carey's 'M' Fragrance across the UK in malls, shopping centers and whatever other places people lurk.


I Told You I Was Trouble is the name of the next Amy Winehouse CD, dude in November. I love the title. Looks like they are trying to get her music out there before she implodes!

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are about to start working on a new Reflection Eternal.

Elephant Man and Sizzla canceled their shows in Canada after gay rights groups raised the roof about their allegedly gay lyrics (I haven’t heard the lyrics).

I know the homey Boss Up is going to hate this, but check out this audio of Superhead on the Jamie Foxxx radio show. She calls all these guys gay, charges I don’t believe personally.

Rumors say Eva Mendes, 33, is pregnant. She was seen leaving a prenatal yoga class.

Foxy Brown’s album finally drops on November 20th – I just hope people care. I heard Lil’ Kim is coming out in December sometime.

Just Blaze recently revealed that he is working with Jennifer Hudson on her new album.


J-Hood never got this much attention on D-Block, but here he talks about D-Block, 50 Cent and other stuff.


This is Lil' Wayne and Phyllis "Philly" of Shock Squad Management at that recent party with Young Jeezy and T.I.

The homey rapper Spark Dawg from Texas came to New York to attend AllHipHop Week and ended up seeing Don King - "Only In America!"


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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