Hip-Hop Rumors: LL Cool J To Play Christopher Dorner In Movie?

There was some talk that LL Cool J was going to possibly play accused cop killer Christopher Dorner. You know, the dude that was killed without really hearing his story. They say he killed himself, but was all mutilated so I am curious as to what really happened. That's another story. During the ordeal, it was made apparent that Dorner had an uncanny resemblance to the Legend in Leather (LL) and people asked LL to stay inside because the drones were reportedly looking for the killer. Here is that pic:

Good think LL survived those drones. But as for the movie?

LL has decided against playing Dorner in a movie…at least for the time being.

"That's not something to even talk about because there are families that suffered, people that died. And because of that, I think it would be disrespectful to them to ... have this conversation about a film when people's lives were on the line."

I think if they can pull it together the right way, he'll do it. LL is now regarded as a very real actor. He's going to do it when the smoke clears a bit, in my opinion.

Illseed, Out.



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