Hip-Hop Rumors: LL Lashes Out At Jay? Diddy Disses 50?


Is Diddy replying to 50 Cent? It would appear so. But, who knows? He’s

recently release a song that starts and ends with him saying, "I'm

Richer Bitch.” Like, seriously, who is he saying that to? No names are

mentioned, but he says things like, “I gave most of you dudes life” and

“I let y’all eat for this long.” He also calls himself “the boss of all

bosses” and says he suffers “no losses.” Hey, Diddy’s smart. Both of

these guys are smart, I’d like to see how that intelligence plays out

with this “beef.” Remember, they both have albums coming up!


Well, this I saw coming a while ago. LL Cool J has finally stepped up

to comment about President Carter and I don’t mean Jimmy. To the New

York Daily News, he said, "I think Def Jam needs to be a better

promoter of Hip-Hop. I think Jay-Z does a very good job...of promoting

Jay-Z.” Now, I don’t trust mainstream media, but I don’t know if that’s

taken out of context. It should be noted that LL was with 50 Cent all

of the night and they are going to working together on the G.O.A.T.’s

next CD. They had a party together last night that was tight from all

accounts. Let me find out LL is trying to impeach the president! Jay-Z

cannot be blamed for LL’s last CD though. Real talk, I thought he went

too soft.


You know, as one goes in, one comes out. Freekey Zeke, is on weekend

pass now, from what I have been told. Now, for those of you that are

like, "Zeke?" Freekey Zeke is the president of Diplomat Records and he

was jailed a couple years ago, after he got shot. Yeah, that. Anyway,

he's down in North Carolina and I hear he is now able to go out on

weekends and get some fresh air. Dude was pretty cool, from what I

understand so I hope his mind is right and he comes back right too. I

think its true. He's reportedly working on a new album already. And, he

didn't even lose his job, despite incarceration. I wish that would

apply to me and a long vacation! 


OK, so things over the UK have been crackin,' but I just wasn't getting

the information. My fam over there told me Yummy Bingham, Baby Cham and

Tony Matterhorn were all set to perform. I know Yum and Cham, but not

Tony. Anyway, the event got totally turned out, when somebody got

stabbed, a pair of girls got hit with bottles and there were all kinds

of fights! All this and De La Soul couldn't get in. Why they'd want to

still get in, I don't know! When they did, they didn't even get in VIP

- the horror!

I heard Cham tried to show love to the crowd by reaching out and mixing

it up with them and some savage yanked his chain! Cham, keeping it

gully, ran after the dude, but the crowd swarm prevented him from doing

so. Despite the madness, Cham STILL finished "Ghetto Story" a capella.

The crowd was all on the stage by now and they sang along with him.

My source said, "Girls were hugging him and then he said how he came

down to show love and perform and there was alot of hate and negative

people but he doesnt hold it against the crowd." I heard Atlantic

Records let the club security have it - straight up like Paula Abdul.


You know, Ne-Yo doesn’t deserve all these rumor “props.” There are

people that do legitimate stuff for years and year before they get on

this page. People like Janet, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston grind for

years and years to be rumor regulars. With that, I present the last

Ne-Yo rumor for as long as possible.

Ne-Yo dropped by the Sirius Satellite Radio to talk to Cipha Sounds

Effect’s Angela Yee to talk about the background on his salacious

Sidekick pictures. Oh, he said they were trying to blackmail and extort


“I’ma keep it real with you, that's me [in the pictures], I ain't

trippin. Somebody just broke into my Sidekick and stole some of my

personal private pictures and put them out there for the world to see.

They was trying to get some money out of me. They hit me up on an email

and was like, if you don't give me something like 7,000 dollars imma go

public with the pictures. But I don't care – I look at it like this:

I'm grown, she's grown, we did what grown ups do, you know, and

somebody did something childish and stole the pictures and put them out.



heard Prince Paul of De La Soul fame is going to be the executive

producer on the Souls of Mischief's next album. I love the underground.


J has a near-album with his Gangsta Grillz mixtape. But, for those

patiently waiting, I heard that Bump J might have been going through

some legal problems that Atlantic is not happy about. Hence the delay

of his album release. We have to stay out of the system, people!


have so many rumors from this crazy week, I'm going to take the weekend

to sort it all out. I'm out of here! Check out the videos and have a

safe weekend! I will be in BROOOOOKLYN!