Hip-Hop Rumors: Looks Like Nicki Minaj Is Single!


Nicki Minaj’s guy Safaree has been her man for about 30 years or something…lol.

by illseed (@illseed)

Nah, 10. But it seems like that situation has run its course for real. Anyway, TMZ has revealed that the dude had now covered up his Nicki Minaj tats. The longterm boyfriend has now given clear-cut reasoning that he and she are no longer an item. He could have just kept them and been her ultimate fan. Now, he’s like 50 Cent’s son – no inheritance! Sheeesh…you can’t go around losing lottery tickets like that mannnnnnnnn….

Here are the images from TMZ:

If Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend are still together, then he’s got a weird way of showing the love … having 2 of his 3 Nicki tats covered up with new ink.
Check out the pics for yourself … Safaree Samuels had some work done on his chest — though it’s unclear when — and he clearly covered up Nicki’s name/mug.
Not only that, but his forearm ink looks drastically faded as well.
Neither have commented on rumors of their breakup, but Nicki definitely hinted at one back in May when she tweeted SINGLE N READY TO MINGLE.
At the time, sources told us it was just a temporary argument and that the 2 were still together.
But healthy couples don’t typically deface their better half’s face, do they?
Man, love hurts.


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