Hip-Hop Rumors: Love And Hip-Hop Leaking All Over The Place?

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These folks are getting farther and farther away from Love and Hip-Hop on these shows! But, I won't judge. Everybody's gotta eat somehow or another, I GUESS. Anyway, it seems Mona Scott-Young is not happy that some of the insider details of her new show has leaked to the internet. She has not come out and denied much of the rumor even though she did shoot down most of the Love and Hip-Hop Houston rumors. But, there is Los Angeles and New Orleans…what about Love and Hip-Hop Philly and Miami and, hell, why not Guatemala! Anyway…here is what is floating on the internets. It talks about Mona and Karrueche, but also offers additional details.

Mona threatened that if she finds out who leaked the potential cast she will fire them because they all signed a confidentiality contract. The reason for Mona's anger was because she was trying to work things out with a few of the potential cast members like Karrueche who was interested in the show if she could promote her "The Kill" line, but had not discussed the proposal with Chris yet. Needless to say Chris was not happy when he got word via the internet that Karrueche was in talks to possibly join the show without talking it over with him first. And Karrueche didn't know Chris ex Jasmine Sanders was in talks to be on the show either. Mona was also upset because Ray-J is locked into a contract with Oxygen doing their "Bad Girls Club Battle" and the only way he would be able to get around his contract with Oxygen was if he went on Love & Hip-Hop LA as a co-producer. Oxygen got word and reminded Ray of his obligation to them not VH1. Also Mona worked with Diddy during the Viacom days and was planning on working something out with him and possibly having Cassie play a miniscule role (Lola Monroe's bff) on the show, but integral enough for her to promote her music and modeling career. Plus Tyga and Blac Chyna were in talks with E! and Mona wanted to lock them in with her show before E! became aware of their popularity, being E!'s new EVP (Jeff Olde) use to be the EVP at VH1, and worked with Mona to make Love & Hip-Hop the success it is now.

As you know Mona was quick to publicly deny that bootleg Houston cast with a bunch of nobodies which was totally false, but has yet to make a public statement denying the Love & Hip-Hop LA cast.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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