Hip-Hop Rumors: Ludacris, The AllHipHop Week, Halle, Lupe Fiasco,


AllHipHop.com: A classic case of keeping it real going WRONG! Ok, first of all, they started a new MySpace devoted to AllHipHop Week! Sheesh! So, go there and be a friend to the week. Oh, don’t forget my Illseed Myspace page and the main AllHipHop Myspace page! That’s just too many pages. Also, these guy are having a red carpet event with Jermaine Dupri as the host of the event (click here for info).

I’m NOT invited to this event, which is going to have a crapload of

celebrities. They say I don’t know how to act! WTF? I will get them by

starting a rumor about one of these big names that’s appearing during

AllHipHop Week!


So, yeah…I got one. Ludacris is hosting the AllHipHop Rap Battle, “The

War.” Like Kool G Rap said, “Talk about a battle, but you ain’t yet

ready for WAR.” That’s real. Now, I heard that Ludacris has gone and

cut his hair off. If you follow his career as I do, you know that he

goes from braids to an afro to some other stuff. He’s hacked off the

‘do and he’s filming a video with Pharrell in the near future. This is

the single to his new CD, Release Therapy. We’ll see what he looks like

without his wild mane. Some of you battle rapper were sleeping on that

$5,000 grand prize for “The War.” Sheeesh, I tried to tell you! (Female

battle rappers, hit me up regardless! I’m really trying to get this NJ

chick Jas down…come on! What’s good, hon?)


I don’t know if this is actual and factual, but rumor has it Dame Dash

and boxing promoter Lou DiBella have parted ways. If you recall, the

pair formed Dash/DiBella Promotions to help African American boxers get

a stronger shake in the way they were pushed. Dame was set to get

Jaidon Codrington his own shoe and any number of other opportunities.

Well, this is a rumor, but I just heard things didn’t go according to

plan and its over. From what I know, Dame is a licensed promoter in the

state of New York so he’s going to be in the mix. We’ll see.


So, you might remember I spoke about how Keyshia Cole got banned from

The Doug Banks morning show, right? DeDe McGuire did the interview and

things got a bit heated. Anyway, Jigsaw, one of AHH’s founders, went on

the show yesterday for a quick interview. He asked Mr. Banks and DeDe

about the matter. Doug replied, “No comment!” So, I don’t know what

that means, but I know that the lesson here is don’t mess with a

nationally syndicated radio show. Amen. Big shout out to Doug Banks,

DeDe and the whole morning show.


Now, if you want to cop tickets for the AHH Grand Finale Concert, click here.

This event features G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks, Remy Ma, Papoose, Shawnna of

DTP, The Clipse and Joe Budden. There are some sweet surprises in


If you want to go to the G-Unit-sponsored BBQ,

click here. There is also a gaming tournament and you can sign up for

that by going HERE! ($10.000, son! Sign up, stop playing!!)

We have our art show

and a dedication to the late, great Gordon Parks! (You have to get to

know this man!) DJ Kay Slay is even presenting his artwork! (Didya know

Slay got art skillz?) Jackson Brown will be doing live art throughout

the entire week! (This dude is incredible!) Please join us!

I’ll have more on the fashion show later, but expect appearance and

performances from the likes of Yung Joc (Mr. It’s Going Down), Baby

Cham, Remy Ma, Sleepy Brown, Bobby Valentino, Cheri Dennis, Miri

Ben-Ari, Coltrane Curtis Terrence J and Rocsi (106th and Park), Nina

Sky, Krucial Keys and more!

Get info on the Breeding Ground with Styles P, Lupe Fiasco and Rhymefest, here! ‘Fest’s album is crazy ill, by the way!

Go here

if you want to engage in a socially minded discussion with pioneer

Luke, model Melyssa Ford, Civil Rights legend Roy Innis and Bryan

Mattox of Burrell Communications Group. Hosted by AHH’s own Chuck

“Jigsaw” Creekmur! The Social Lounge!

The Rap Battle, hosted and sponsored by DTP, is a private affair. It’s

for $5,000, but to me it’s for the love of Hip-Hop. These people have

real skills.

Of course you can always check for updates to AllHipHop Week 2006, RIGHT HERE!


Halle Berry is rumored to be pregnant by model Gabriel Aubrey.

According to lore, the superstar said that she intended to have a child

by the time she turned 40. Well, she is now 39 and her hormones are

raging, I hear. Some pictures are floating around, but there is nothing

definitive to say that she’s preg or not. I’m available though, kind of

how Dave Chappell was when he bedded Oprah in his imagination.


Now, we had that rumor on Lupe and I play it fair. So, a source within

the situation hit me up and let me know that there is no beef between

Lupe and Reebok, the company that makes his shoe. As you recall, Lupe

did a show sponsored by Puma. Apparently, things got cleared up really

fast with that or Reebok ruffed it off.