Hip-Hop Rumors: Lupe Says "No More Mixtapes?"; "Food & Liquor 2" To Be Double-Album?

At a recent show in Portland, Oregon, Lupe Fiasco announced that he would no longer be releasing mixtapes and that his most recent project, Friend of the People, which was released in November, would be his last free offering.

After stating that he's done "some pretty groundbreaking things" with his mixtapes, Lupe said that "in light of that history, amazing lyrical feats, and superb works, I am sad to say that after tonight there will be no more Lupe Fiasco mixtapes." Check it out for yourself in the video below:

As you may have heard, Lupe also teased that the highly-anticipated sequel to his major label debut could be hitting stores this summer. In even better news for Lupe fans, he says that Food & Liquor 2 may be a double album. Anything to make up for Lasers, Lupe, anything at all.

Spotted at TheSource