Hip-Hop Rumors: Magic Johnson Heart Attack? Jay-Z Signing West Coast MC?


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.Here is the Miss Mouth run down in dramatic form! I am going to say this again - even thought Miss Mouth is the big homey, her views are her own. Now, lets pray nothing happened to Magic! IS MAGIC JOHNSON OK?I just got

this crazy text message saying that Magic Johnson died of a heart attack.

(July 25th 11:29pm EST) I so hope that it’s

a rumor!



Ice Cube, 50

Cent and The Game are all fighting for the role of Mr. T. The producers

want Ice Cube but I want Fiddy! He was fantastic in “Get Rich or Die



Due to probation,

DMX will have to wait an additional 2 months to be re-united with his

dogs (and I don’t mean his Ruff Ryders label mates.)




Chris Brown

is getting 5 years of probation and 6 months of community service for

keeping his pimp hand strong. He also was ordered by the judge

to complete a 52-week domestic violence class. Now that Chris Brown

can’t travel outside of the country without prior approval for the

next five years, is he still going to be getting that international

paper? In addition, he is not allowed to carry dangerous weapons and

is subject to search and seizure at anytime during this period. If you

do the crime…well you all know the rest! I am so over all of that.

I am more concerned about if Chris Brown’s voice is ever going to

change? He is in his twenties and still sings like Alvin, minus The

Chipmunks. What, is he a freaking Eunuch?


Could my favorite

group of all time, Goodie Mob, be releasing an album soon? I hope so.



Rapper Juelz

Santana was arrested for threatening to send some broad to meet her

maker. No one knows what happened at the crib, prior to the fight, for

him to make that statement so I won’t pass judgement. At least he

didn’t pull a “C. Breezy” and actually TRY TO DO IT! My only issue

with Mr. Bird Gang is that he allegedly made these threats in front

of the woman’s child. But why isn’t anyone asking, if this mystery

woman isn’t his wife then what in the h*ll was she doing at his house?

DRAMA... This sounds like a slight case of what I like to call “When

A Jump-Off Forgets Her D*mn Place.”

Fellas, let me put you up on game. A woman is only going to be your

sidepiece (unless you are breaking major bread) for a very limited amount

of time before one of the two following scenarios will occur. 

1.She will

get tired of playing second fiddle and leave your azz!

2. She will

try to sabotage your relationship with your “bottom aka wifey,”

in hopes of taking her place.




producer Scott Storch has lost his $7 million dollar mansion. SunTrust

Bank has been attempting to foreclose on his home for months, but was

unsuccessful due to his bankruptcy. I hope that everything works out

for him. I wonder how Timbo is taking the news.



Could Latoya

Jackson be temporarily joining “The View?”



Master P’s

younger bother C-Murder is getting an additional 10 years added to his

life sentence. How could this happen? Didn’t one of his jurors admit

to being pressured to issue the guilty verdict? HOV VS


My money is

on Hov!!!





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I know I just posted something about Jay-Z and the super Swagger Like Us remix. Its not going to happen, but I heard Drake is looking to do something comparable. My boy Robert told me Drizzy is looking to do a song as ill as SLU with Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye and Eminem. The Eminem part sounds a big far-fetched but the source I got it from is generally good money. (Note: after I got this tip, I realized that my tip probably got it from Nahright so shoutout to them.)


I don’t know where this one started, but I am here to clarify that Juelz Santana is not a married man. I and a bunch of others were like, “WTF!” at the prospect of lil Dipset man being locked down. Also, he wasn’t arrested for any sort of domestic abuse as originally reported. He was arrested on Disorderly Conduct charges from the police. Something happened between him and the young lady, but it wasn’t that severe, I guess.


All these people trying to suggest MJ wasn’t Black need to step BACK! Mike was as Black as any Black man. How do I know? He wanted Beyonce or Tyra Banks to have his 4th child. Now, that’s as real as it gets – SHAMON!!!!!! I don’t know where he got off course, but it never happened. I wonder if Jay wasn’t around, would Mike stand a chance…I don’t think so. Lol. Oh yeah. He also wanted some British doc to have his seedling.

They are now saying that the Doc is officially charged with a crime, as Mike’s death has been ruled a homicide. I feel bad after seeing what they did to Mike. Still, it seems like the Doc is a patsy. I think there’s others up the food chain that need to be held accountable. Still this doc pumped Mike full of so many drugs, it was crazy.


You know Nipsey Hussel is the hottest thing on the West and one of the newer talents coming out. Well, I am getting a mighty strong rumor that he may be going over to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. Now, if you don’t know what that means, stop reading now. If you do, you know that this would almost lock Jay in for dominating the next wave of Hip-Hop. He would just need a Southern rep and somebody international like Drake.

Here is the latest with Nipsey and Drake called “Killers.”

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And here is a clip of Nip talking about how he won over the Cali rap scene:

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Does anybody actually care about this at this point? TMZ.com now is staying that Scott Storch has totally been booted from his mansion. They are reporting that the bank that held the loan has taken the Miami crib. SunTrust Bank bought it for a cool $5.5 million – a STEAL. This puppy has 10 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. They are saying it really worth about $7 million. Shout out to Storch. Good luck, buddy.YO GOTTI ADDRESSES ROBBERY RUMORS!Remember the rumors I had from last week about Yo Gotti getting robbed? He denied it all. Check it out in a recent interview with AllHipHop.com. You can get this full interview later today. Just doing my job, Mr. Gotti!

AllHipHop.com: There was a rumor floating around that you were robbed. Are you O.K.? What's up with that?

Yo Gotti:

Yeah I'm great. I don't know, I woke up one morning and one of my partners told me that it was on the Rumor page on AllHipHop.com. I

don't really know where it came from or anything like that. I'm great.


I found the Rick Ross movie that Miss Mouth was talking about yesterday. Here you go, the trailer!

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FOR KICKS: HERE IS WHAT JAY SAID ABOUT JOEI think Jay should pick a fight with Game instead of Joe two years after shots were fired. My 2 Cents.

"Do what i done without crying in the environment

i did it in without dyin' my nigga. Rap like i rapped

witout lying *the entire together?* like iron, my nigga.

and write 16s in between runnin 16 businesses.

and all of the time showin' these young punks what

the business is. As if i'd let you niggas style on me.

as if, now everybody senile on me. Throw backs

i threw um back remember those? button ups

Young Hov, tell them ordinary JOES BUDDEN UP"


I know him and Ri Ri were rumored to be trying to work it out, but peep the terms of the agreement. This is going to be a B***H for Chris Brown!!!!!

1. Felony Probation for 60 months and must obey all laws.

2. Report to Probation within 72 hours

3. 52 Weeks of a Domestic Violence Program in Virginia.

4. Must turn in all weapons within the next 24 hours and can NOT own any weapons during that period.

5. Must Provide DNA Samples as Requested by the Authorities

6. 180 Days of Community Service (HARD) Labor… washing cars, cleaning graffiti off the walls, etc.

7. Get approval before leaving the country.

8. Report to a court room every 3 months for the next 5 years.

9. Fines and Fees: $2,500 in restitution, $2,500 in probation expenses, $30 for criminal conviction fee and $400 for the domestic violence fund.

10. The Protective Order for the next 5 years: Brown is not allowed to harass, assault, threaten, molest, etc. Rihanna. No direct contact nor 3rd party contact with her. He must stay at least 100 yards away from her unless it is an entertainment (work) related event, then he must stay 10 yards away.


Rumor has it 2-5 (50 Cent’s cousin) has given Domination some paper work that states Mazardi Fox is actually not in G-Unit. Apparently, Domination is about to break out with this information.

Rumor has it Young Dice's (Rick Ross affiliate) moms crib was shot up much like Tony Yayo’s. Please stop shooting up anything, especially mother’s houses.

I also heard from my sources that Dice was also arrested for gun possession by detectives in NYC, but he Bawse got him his money to get him out.

Rumor has it 40 Glocc ran into some reps from The Game’s Black Wall Street and was forced to pull out that “thing” to prevent things from escalating, if you get my drift.

Uh oh! One of my people at West Virginia University hit me up and told me that Akon lyp synched their whole concert for their “Fallfest concert.” It was a free concert though. Shout out to Steph!


Remember how I used to be over Kelly Rowland? Well, I secretly still am ga-ga over this lady. She’s BAD. I’m sorry. Call me a fool but Kelly > Beyonce. That’s just my opinion!

"I feel empowered. Finally. When you don't believe in yourself, you feel like you're living in fear. You don't give yourself the opportunity to believe that you can. And as much as you tell yourself you can't do it, you end up not doing it. Me? I was complacent and comfortable where I was."


You know, some women and men have to respect themselves and others more. Keith MacDonald of the UK is only 24, but he’s already got seven kids by seven different women. They have deemed him the worst father in the UK. But, he aims to be the best hustband it seems, because he has duped some more woman into being his bride. So, he has totally abandoned all of his kids with the calculation of a cold-hearted killer, but this chick is willing to let him smash. Not only did she let him smash away, but he and she are looking to have their first child together! YAY! Keith has no job at all to support any kids, much less a wife and a new baby, but he’s working on it with bride-to-be Clare Bryant,.

Here is the happy couple.


They are trying to say Micheal Jackson is still alive. Look at this footage and you tell me if you can tell that that is MJ coming out of that Coroner’s Van.

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OK, you know I love Africa, right so this next one comes with love and in the spirit of fun. The Democratic Republic of Congo has a space program that first launched a ways back, but recently launched a rocket into space. Now…the first one – they spent a about $5,000. But this one they had a budget of $50 STACKS to blast something off into space. Well, it failed. Still the rocket supposedly went over three times the speed of sound! Yay! Here is the video of the rocket blowing up and flying off to the side. Amazing and yet…I laughed very hard.

Here is the original attempt in the 70’s…classic.


This UK babe suggests strongly that Usher was in love with her and even serenaded her. The UK press said Usher begged for a date! Check it out.

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