Hip-Hop Rumors: Mariah Carey IS Pregnant: CONFIRMED


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Well, at the age of 41, Mariah has finally gotten her golden wish of getting pregnant. This is cool. The singer finally announced that she is pregnant after all the rag sites had said that she was. But, she sure held out for a long time.

"Well, we're here in New York; yes, we are pregnant. This is true. I'm actually dealing with this, and it's been a long journey but it's been tough…Well, it's still early. We're expecting in the spring,” she told Access Hollywood.

Nick was hype:

He said, "It's absolutely emotional, but for so many reasons. The greatest gift on earth is a child."

I bet she was tired of people saying she was fat too. But the real deal is that she suffered a miscarriage about three years ago and they didn’t want to have any issues since it was so early. At any rate, congrats to her and Nick Cannon. They have really exceeded anybody’s expectations. I remember when people said they wouldn’t make it three months.

MARIAH AND NICK , WE LOVE YOU! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!