Hip-Hop Rumors: Matt Kemp Denies Rihanna? Rihanna Denies Herpes! D.C. Denies Wale?



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The homey Chance came through with his rumors! Here you go!


I was LMAO when I saw this. Rihanna's new "friend" Matt Kemp recently shot a video for Match.com, the dating website and dude has a pretty good sense of humor. FYI, his publicist released a statement recently basically saying he and Rihanna are not officially boyfriend or girlfriend and are just doing the do.


So Danger, who recently lost custody of her newborn, has been threatening to expose Ray-J, but after the Kim K incident I was wondering how much more exposed he could get. Well apparently he's not just a ladies man but a mans mans as well. She has even singled out Young Buck as his long-time lover. She says Ray-J is grimy for having so much money and allowing his boyfriend "Young Buck" to be broke. Brandy came out in defense of her brother saying (via Twitter):

Here's the audio from the interview where Danger made these allegations:

...and Young Buck recently started going hard at 50...wonder what he's going to do with the info. I know it won't be pretty.


RiRi has addressed rumors that she has the Hurp. After pics of her wit some s**t on her lip popped up about a year ago everyone has accused her of having an STD and even speculated that this is what caused her infamous bout with Chris Brown. She was recently quoted as saying:

"It’s a f**king scar on my lip that’s been there every day of my life."

P.S.A. - She may not have it but a lot of folks do so stay strapped and I mean both ways (reference "I Got A Story To Tell").BIG MAN ON CAMPUSAfter hosting a party at Mangos on Friday Lil Kim performed at a club in New Jersey over the weekend and this big breasted women had to let her know who runs Jersey:Kim was looking good too:Here she is partying with Funkmaster Flex in NYC Friday night:


Lol...oh wait that's Charles Barkley:


Anytime you see Wale you see his band. His live go-go style music is his trademark and he has two of the best bands in DC to thank for that sound, TCB and The Backyard Band. We'll apparently they haven't been feeling the love recently and turned to Twitter to air out their grievances. They say they are upset he has sold the rights to songs they created without their permission and they're upset he shot the "Pretty Girls" video without featuring them. They have started a movement asking people to call the radio stations and request they stop playing his records. Apparently Wale caught wind of this beef and says there is going to be major problems when they cross paths.


Check out what every ones favorite Harajuku Barbie looked like back in high school before Young Money and all the butt pad allegations. It's pretty cool she quote Lauryn Hill:


Here is the video footage of Diamond from Crime Mob flashing her heat for the Ustream fans that Jazzy mentioned earlier. She was Ustreaming while she recorded a song called "Smash Yo Homies":

Here she is the day after bowling with the BBC (Bad B**ches Clique):

(L to R Kandi Burress, Diamond, Toya Carter, idk and idk)

I'M JUST SAYIN'Shout out to Millz aka Murdah ... Get at me!!!!Be on the look out for a statement from Keyshia Cole's sister (not Neffe, the plump one) defending her family. It looks like she thinks Keyshia threw them under the bus this weekend.Toni Braxton says she tried to quit music but couldn't because it's in her blood...she says she's like Jay-Z...ummmmmm.They're saying Tyra Banks may have quit the show because she wants to start a family with her Wall Street big shot boyfriend.The people of Trinidad say a Beyonce performance would cost too much and they'd rather spend that money on their yearly Carnival celebration.Banks is facing some serious charges for lumping that dude up ... hopefully 50's got lawyers on deck for him.Yes!!!!! Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls broke up with her boyfriend...now that I'm on the AllHipHop Rumors page maybe she'll give me a (corny joke alert) CHANCE...holla at me Nikki:


...the former illiterate winner of American Idol, who's out in Barbados gallivanting with a married man, has a show coming to VH1 about her life. Here's a quick preview:

FFFe01by yardie4lifever2

Think it's gonna be worth the watch???HOW DOES IT FEEL?I just started watching Jersey Shore...dope show...but Italians are

saying it makes them look bad and there's a huge uproar about it...good

thing black people have never had to endure being portrayed in a

negative light via reality TV.PEACE - CHANCECDR @ TwitterFacebook or GmailKEY KEY COLE, WE LOVE YOU!!!

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