Hip-Hop Rumors: MC Shan Disses Joe Budden!? Stack Bundles Worked With Dr. Dre? Dr. Shante Lied?

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

THE DAILY TWO SENSEI felt like this after writing these rumors...seriously...

I want to say that I really appreciate Kid from Kid-N-Play. His best rap days are behind him, but he is a legend! He had a cartoon!

I want to know where is Alfamega? Did he ever respond to the latest from the Smoking Gun?

Did you see AllHipHop’s review of Jay-Z’s CD? What do you think of the album?

I dude that threw the shoe at G.W. Bush has been freed from jail.

Eminem and Rick Ross should battle. Ross wants it and Eminem kinda needs it.


I was talking to one of my esteemed sources and he brought up an interesting point. He announced the furor that we all have had at some point in time over the Detox album. Dr. Dre is older than Jay-Z, so what is the difference. People dissed Jay-Z for being old, but waiting for Dre? Sheeeeeeeeeet…..Hip-Hop confuses me!


Can we get a yay or nay on this? I don’t know what it is but I am slowly starting to get sources that are saying Kevin Liles was actually fired. I take that back. I was told that K.L. was looking for a raise and a renewal of his contract. From what I understand, that was either denied or they couldn’t find a middle ground on the negotiations. Some others that I have talked to have speculated that he’s going into politics (old), but more recently suggested that he may be joining Jay-Z at Roc Nation with Live Nation. Tell me something, somebody!


DJ AM is just a tragic case. Sad. The latest is that he tried to kill himself with pills. He had eight undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach and a ninth in his mouth, according to People magazine. They are saying he swallowed these pills fast and in succession to kill himself. They are saying that he was very depressed about breaking up with his girlfriend. The found an old Valentines Day card there where their love was proclaimed just earlier this year. Sucks.


This dude Mikey T The Movie Star is out for my job. Here is what he sent me today.

Mall G has recently linked up with Freeway for his new single being pushed to radio.

Drag On is making a comeback with a new mixtape and record label - Flame On Records is rumored to be the name.

Loon has officially retired from rap. He has grown out a very long beard an walks around in robes, acting like a holy man.

Domination did a show in Manhattan with Papoose, Nick Minaj . He brought out a few members of Young Dice’s Click The Choosen Onez. While dice an Rick Ross just did a show in VA at the Cotton Club . Show was off the hook. Rick Ross is getting his imprint together.

Bang Em Smurf is going to be starting the “Bring Back Bang ‘Em” movement with some T-shirts.

Stack Bundles worked with both Lupe Fiasco and Dr. Dre in the earlier parts of his career. He did a lot of shows with Lupe and went to work with Dre after, Dre put out 2001. It is said that a dude from Far Fockaway impressed Dre when he wrote the hook for the song “What’s The Difference” and Dr. Dr went out that way in NYC scouting and found Stack Bundles. The two recorded music together before stack went back to NYC and linked up with Jim Jones.


A 19-year-old woman attempted to kill a baby. WOW. The 19-year-old Canada woman was not related to the the 14-month-old girl, but that didn’t stop her from straight up trying to swipe her from her family. The crazy women stole the kid and ran, only to beat on the kid. A man named Tyler Bilsborrow saw what was happening as he took a smoke. He heard screams and saw a women slamming SOMETHING against the damn sidewalk. It was the kid. The baby survived and Tyler held the kid in his arms until the police and ambulance got there. That crazy 19 year old is in jail.


My homey Domingo has a kid and his kid can draw! Guess who he drew?

Illseed! Thanks, Domingo! Appreciate it!


My boy Boss Up is now the proud father of a baby boy. On September 1st, Dominic Holiday Duke was born!! 7 pounds and 19 inches! Congrats, Boss Up! It’s a shame that he’s having kids before I do. Fail on me.


I preface this by saying that I love Roxanne Shante. I think she is a pioneer and she’s got classic songs, for sure. And I pray that she has a very good, strong and powerful explanation for this. Until that explanation comes, I have to label her the Epic Fail of the Day.

Apparently, the story of Dr. Roxanne Shante…well let me let Wikipedia tell it.

She was rumored to have earned her bachelor's degree from Marymount Manhattan College and was alleged to have gotten her Ph.D in psychology from Cornell University due to a quirk in her recording contract obligating Warner Music to fund her college education with a practice in Queens. However, an investigative article by Slate magazine found no evidence of Shanté's claims: she was never signed to Warner Music, which only distributed her recordings, but was under contract to the independent label Cold Chillin' Records. Records indicate that she attended only three months at Marymount Manhattan College; she never earned any degree; and she is unlicensed by New York state officials to practice psychology or similar disciplines. When questioned about the Slate investigation, Shanté claimed to have attended Cornell under an pseudonym due to problems with "domestic violence," but she was unable to substantiate these claims.

Please let this be some media BS or my feelings are going to be hurt.


Was it me or did it seem like Chris Brown was getting aggy with Larry King? King was diggin, but CB wasn’t trying to talk about the details of RiRi’s butt beating.

What was up with his bowtie get up? He should have worn a suit or something.


Here, Jay-Z addresses the idea that Kanye bodied him on his own ish.

XXL: You’ve been getting a lot of heat about your second single “Run This Town,” featuring Kanye and Rihanna. Critics and the blog world have said ’Ye out rapped you.

Jay-Z: I think that thing has gone a little too far. I think it’s more about that than the song now. What I’m saying is that’s just life. If [whose verse was better] was the thing, and we based [song quality] on that, after I’ve done 400 songs, I’m sure once the average of who was better on the song weighs out, I’m pretty high. Some nights [L.A. Lakers player] Pau Gasol can score more points than Kobe Bryant—not saying that Kanye is Pau Gasol, ’cause you have to be really clear with that—[but] as long as I’ve been in the game, that’s going to happen, once or twice or even three times.

And also the interview between Jay-Z and his shawty Oprah:

Jay-Z: It was natural…

Oprah: Because drug dealers were your role models. There wasn’t a teacher or lawyer or nurse of doctor or and accountant in the neighborhood?

Jay-Z: Well, we were living in Marcy by then, so no. And if anyone did become something like that, they moved out. They never came back to share the wisdom of how they made it. If anyone made it, you never knew it. That’s why I’ve always said that if I become successful, I’d come back here, grab somebody, and show him how it can be done.

On being shot at:

Oprah: Weren’t you shot at three times—within six feet—and you lived to talk about it?

Jay-Z: That was divine intervention. Divine intervention, and nobody knew how to shoot.

Oprah: What happened in each situation?

Jay-Z: It was one situation, three shots.

Oprah: So he had a bad shot?

Jay-Z: Well, no one really practices shooting a TEC-9 machine gun, right? And when you’re a kid with little bony arms—no wonder nobody could aim.

Using the N-Word:

Oprah: Do you believe that using the N word is necessary?

Jay-Z: Nothing is necessary. It’s just become part of the way we communicate. My generation hasn’t had the same experience with that word that generations of people before us had. We weren’t so close to the pain. So in our way, we disarmed the word. We took the fire pin out of the grenade.


Shan had some points though...but he even challenged Joe to a fight. What happened!?!?! LOL!!


Everybody's got this dancy sound. I'm not mad at it though.


Irv Gotti and the Cheetah Girl? What do we have here?

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