Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mills' Baby Mama Airs Out His Cheating Ways

Meek Mill's son's mother aired out his cheating ways and preached empowerment to women on Instagram.

It was all good just a year ago for Meek Mill and his son's mother Fahimah but they fell out after his album, Dreams & Nightmares, dropped and his career began taking off even more. Amid the rumors about Meek Mill hanging out with Rihanna and groupies in general, Fahimah subtweeted and watched helplessly. Meek Mill's sister even stepped in the ring and had a few choice words for Fahimah but these days, it seems like Fahimah is content with moving on and has taken to Instagram to preach the gospel of her dirty dog rapper ex.

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Good for Fahy!

She'll be on a reality show in no time.