Hip-Hop Rumors: Method Man Cooking Up "Last Album With RZA"!! RZA Bigs Up Kanye!!

Could "Crystal Meth" Be On the Way!?!

This rumor comes from Wu-Tang's official Facebook page, which was updated on Monday (December 20) with the cryptic message you see below. What's so cryptic about it? Well, this either means that this will be Meth's last album period, OR just his last album with RZA handling production. Neither has been officially confirmed, so for now, let your imaginations run wild.


All that really matters is that we're about to (hopefully) get an incredible Meth album (finally).

In other Wu-Tang related news...

RZA Speaks On Kanye's Work Ethic:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/32666835]

Gotta appreciate one of the greatest for biggin' up one of the best!