Hip-Hop Rumors: More Biggie Rumors, Rumors About Diddy's Biggie Party


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I know I am not on Twitter much, but I am there browsing more than anything. And, booooyeeeeeeee….did I see the tweets about what was going on with this Biggie party Diddy threw. Now, first of all, I heard people paid like $100 to get in that thing…whoa! Even said the following:

# As soon as I get there I will tell them to stop trying to overcharge people. Sorry to all who were inconvenienced. I will fix

# I just heard the club is trying to charge 100 dollars. I am 3 blocks away!!! I am not promoting the party. I'm not making money from this

Anyway, then there were several fights. Here is one of them:

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Overall, though it seemed like it was a great celebration. Fabolous rocked it, as did Busta, Diddy and Red Café. It seemed like a great shocker that Rick Ross was there, but we all know Diddy feels he is the “new” Biggie. Shout out to the people that attended. I heard it was fun. I heard one person in particular was being a complete A$$H0LE to everybody around him. Can't say the name, but from what I understand, if you were THERE, you know who this person is.


There is a Tupac diss record. Remember how Biggie never really TRULY all out responded to Tupac? You know, there were lil’ slick remarks, but nothing like Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up?” Well, I am hear to tell you that my sources have indicated to me, there IS a definite scathing diss BACK to ‘Pac. I mean, a full, all out return fire song and nothing that was on any album. I am speculating, but pretty sure they didn’t want the issue to escalate further by a reply. But it’s out there. I wonder how long will it take until that song comes out of a vault somewhere.


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