Hip-Hop Rumors: Mos Def's New Rap Flick? Lil' Kim Back? Xtina Aggy Pregnant?


So last night, Myspace hosted an event in Chicago and I heard it was pretty darn cool The concert at the Riv featured TI, BG, Twista, Lupe Fiasco, Young Dro, The Speedknot Mobstas, Big Kuntry and more. I hope you all did yourself a favor and checked out the live stream I told you about. Now, Myspace Live was cracking actually, but there were a few rumors that popped out. Nick Cannon was there and he got a lotta love from the crowd. From what I heard Aubrey from Danity Kane was one of the co-hosts of the event and she was looking pretty good. She was looking so good that she was extremely close to one of Nick’s associates from what I’ve been told. They were sort of hugged up, but not SO hugged up that it’s confirmed that they are an item. I think Nick’s lil’ brother was there too. I also heard – but cannot confirm – that Young Dro might have had a slight confrontation with security. It had the potential to turn into drama, but everybody with sense squashed it super fast. TI ripped it, I heard that tricked the crowd into thinking he was done and came back to rock”Bring ‘Em Out” and “What You Know About.” I heard it was really hot in the venue, but the people were there for the rappers and the rappers didn’t disappoint.

Back to TI. I heard somebody tossed something on the stage at two separate times. A quarter and piece of paper. I heard that in both instances, TI ignored them, even when the piece of paper HIT HIM. You know Tip will put a few stacks on you if you do that, right? Good to see him letting people live.

I have been informed that I need to give a shout out to Scrap Dirty, DJ GQ, Marc from Commonground, Roslynn and my girl Kendra G, who was in the place to be too.


I heard from Page Six that Christina Aguilera is with child. She and her husband Jordan might have just taken the big dive into parenthood with this one. Rumors say that she’s about three months’ preggers and is doing the right thing and gotten medical check up and such. I’m not mad. Aggy has reportedly bought Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's former Beverly Hills home. I don’t know if I would want that crib…ug, imagine the cleanup.


You heard this from illseed first, you old head lovers! Word is that Mos Def's next acting performance might be a little more Hip-Hop than ever before. Mos is reportedly interested in appearing in a bio-pic on Busy Bee, that Andre Harrell wishes to produce. Mos and Busy have a similar look, especially in the Wild Style days. The film is tentatively titled, Chief Rocker (It Was All A Dream), and will follow Busy's early days in the South Bronx in something that plays out like Coolie High meets American Grafitti. Barry Michael Cooper (New Jack City, Above the Rim) is reportedly being considered to pen the script. Speaking of Cooper, check his recent feature on AllHipHop.com and his latest short film - over here! 



I think I heard correctly. Skillz and Freeway were seen filming a video recently.

Not a rumor. Fabolous’ new CD (I can’t remember the name at the moment) debuted at the top of the rap charts.

I finally heard this song called “A Bay Bay” by this rapper named Hurricane Chris. I’m not sure what to think of this thing.


I heard that Lil’ Kim has lost a considerable amount of weight to the point where people are saying that the “old” Kim is back. I’m not sure if that’s possible. Below is a video of a person they say is Lil’ Kim with a young Buck. Now, this is certain to fuel some rumors of these two being an item. I’m not sure where this was, but there is a Beyonce-like wind blowing Kim’s hair. Its almost hot. Aye, digital camera people, you cannot turn the thing sideways and expect to get a good shot. Shout out to Concrete Loop, where I got this video from. And shout out to Buck – he’s all in the rumors again.


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