I know you all are going to call me crazy! I know this! I know this, but I going to say it anyway! Yesterdy (Sept. 5), BET's “Rap City” taped a special interview. 50 Cent interviewed Jim Jones. That’s right. 50 Cent interviewed Jim Jones!! Now, I don’t know all the details of the interview – OK? I am hearing the BET is going to make a monster of a statement shortly and it will air next week. Of course I can’t fully confirm this, but it would certainly be crazy. I heard that Jim Jones has been fishing around for a new solo deal. I guess Koch was more of a temporary spot for him. Anyway, I suspected this would happen, because these guys had way too much respect for each other. When 50 was WAILING on Cam’ron like it was nobody’s business…silence. No disrespect to any party, but silence can say more than words. Anyway…W-O-W.

Bare minimum...50 interviewed Jim yesterday. Needless to say, this could change the climate of the 50 Cent/Kanye competition.


So Sean Kingston loves the kiddies, eh? Not in an R.Kelly or Trick Daddy way (which are different in themselves), but he met with a bunch of them yesterday in Manhattan. He Read to the kids at this big Candy Store in Manhattan with Adrian of the Cheetah Girls (3LW alumni). Anyway, this is what happened. Sean is being introduced or something and the woman asked what they know about Sean Kingston. One of the kids yells, “SUICIDE” at the top of their lungs. As you know, there has been a lil’ controversy over the lyrics to Kingy’s “Beautiful Girls,” because it references being so distraught over a girl that you contemplate suicide.

Anyway, the kid shocked everybody, but Sean had something for the kids and parents. After he and Adrian read the books, he changed the words to the song in his performance. Suicide became “In Denial.” DOPE! Somebody told me that he looks more like Biggie Smalls than you would think. Interesting.


You know Wikipedia can be a trip, so when I heard Coolio was listed as dead there, I suspected it was fishy. Here is what the entry said:

On Tuesday, September 05, 2007, Coolio was found dead on the floor of his Malibu beach home at the age of 44. . The official photo, taken at the scene, showed a naked Coolio, a syringe and burned bottle cap nearby, along with various other narcotics paraphernalia. His official cause of death was acute morphine poisoning caused by an accidental overdose.

I looked this mess up and Coolio is playing poker with Ice-T and Coco in the Playboy mansion. He’s GOOD!


The internet doesn’t play. Somebody emailed me a pair of links to Keke Wyatt’s mother and father’s myspace pages. WHY? Recently, Keke told Essence magazine that she was ¼ Black. You know Black people and White people don’t play that. One drop of Black blood means you are BLACK!!!! LOL. Anyway, her daddy’s myspace page (click here) shows that he’s 100% brother. Now, her mother could be of mixed heritage (click here) and therefore Keke might have an argument. That’s a minimum of 50% Black. Check out the pictures and you tell me!


Wow! We knew D-Nice was sprung, but he’s found his true love in actress Malinda Williams. The word running around the streets is that D-Nice went and got engaged to Malinda recently. I think Jawn Murray said that Nice even went to Malinda’s daddy’s house in New York and asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage. SWEET. He then flew back to Los Angeles to pop the question. This is her second marriage. The first was to Mekhi Phifer. This is his first marriage. Good luck, people.Here is D-Nice's old classic "They Call Me D-Nice."


I admit, I am not interested in this Usher Tomeka stuff now that its happy ending. I am Misery’s roommate. Still, my illseed intel homey Jye hit me with this info. Here you go.

First there the ultra-glamorous wedding in the Hamptons was called off, then they got hitched in a lawyer’s office. Now the latest chapter in the book of Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster states they are officially nuptials. I'm hearing that they finally jumped the broom at Chateau Elan in Braselton on Saturday. Instead of the typical big Hollywood style wedding, a reliable source told me that the ceremony was more of a family type of event. I heard there was a turn out of about 200 heads, and Lalah Hathaway serenaded Usher and Tameika. See you don't have to be like Diddy to have something nice. In fact I heard the food was less escargot and more fried chicken, mac and cheese. Wish he would have invited me; Jye loves baked mac & cheese like grandma makes.


Somebody else is heated at Def Jam. You know, Freeway has a lil’ bit of a street hit in this song “Big Spender,” but there is no date. From what I have been told by sources close to the situation, Def Jam is sitting on the record for a reason. They want to hold off on the push for a November-esque release date. There is an obvious concern that this 50 Cent / Kanye thing can overshadow anybody else. After they die down a bit, expect people like Freeway and Lupe Fiasco to come out to play.


Remember that guy that cut off his ear to express his love for his lover-to-be? In 2007, we do it differently!

An Oregon man decided it was a good idea to chop his ex-girlfriend’s cat’s head off in an effort to woo another woman. Yes. He did that. He had to pay for the cat – a cool $1,700 and has been forbidden to owning a pet for three years. The anti-Mike Vick, he is. He took the cat, drowned it and then lopped its head off. Ahhhh…put that head in a jar and take it to the girls house (“This will get me THEM DRAWERS!”). Wait, gets pulled over the for a traffic stop (“Drats!) Hope those outstanding warrants don’t pop up (“Stop sweating…breath normal”)! Yep…going to jail (“Hope they don’t hack my heads off”)!

The dude was arrested on a different charge – burglary. That charge requires that he do more time than hacking the cat head off. It was a black cat at that..does this mean 9 years of bad luck?

Here is another sign…

In D.C. people are returning thousands of condoms claiming they are faulty. I swear, they are trying to kill us. No, seriously…genocide. Read the story.


You’ve seen the picture and the video is below.!


Man, its been a tough few weeks for the rumors! Here are some quickies!

I finally got those new 50 Cent songs. They sound pretty cool – no hate. Shout out to Zelaya.

Drehype…I have news for you. Bill Cosby is still alive.

If you are in NYC tomorrow, Kanye West is supposedly at the FYE in downtown Manhattan. He’ll be handing out faux diplomas. Some of y’all need to run and get one. From what I undersand its 10 am so reading this means you are probably late.

Young Joc has reportedly lost 35 lbs fror $3,000. Originally I heard it was 100,000 in a bet with his managers. For $3000…I’d stay fat. For $100k, I’ll get down to Amy Winehouse status.

Looks like Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg won’t be performing their hit song “D**k In A Box” after all. They were nominated for an Emmy for the Saturday Night Live skit. They don’t think they can get away with the lyrics. YOU THINK?

I think Amerie got her wig pushed all the way back to 2008.

Paris Hilton wants to have a kid in the next year or so. Now, if she was not rich, she wouldn’t have a chance of making that come true. Since she is, some schmuck will do it.

A Bay Bay! I heard Hurricane Chris issue a challenge to any young MC out there…he’ll put a yard ($1,000) down and bet you can’t take him out. He should come to the AHH celebrity battle with Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’ 9” and…hmmmmmmm….

Is Pimp C dissing Young Jeezy? I heard this like a week ago and I disregarded it...click here to hear. Shout out to Bun B!BRISCO F/LIL WAYNE "IN THE HOOD"In early August, I told you about a lil' rumor I heard about Lil' Wayne and a guy from Florida named Brisco. Well, they managed to finish the video. See it below.


You read the AHH interview with Remy Ma, where she kinda aired out Fat Joe. Now, it is Joe's turn to do the airing. See what recently aired on BET.


Pay attention to the little one. LOL. Chauncey –what up!

With AllHipHop Week coming down the pipeline...It might be time to use this illseedsub@gmail.com again...I might need another sub!Also, look for the Ill Pics in a post later in the day. I had to separate them.


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