Hip-Hop Rumors: Name The Gay Rapper (Clues Inside)! Suge: Pole Or Fist? No Wedding For Remy!


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


I am certainly not into decoding code. Read these excerpts from Terrence Deans’ book, Hiding In Hip-Hop. Who is his talking about? There are three key people.

1) Lucas, a megastar actor

2) Eli, a popular multiplatinum rapper and actor

3) Corey, a singer-songwriter has been on MTV’s “The Cut,” been an opener for Jay-Z. He signed to Eli’s start-up label in the 90’s.

At a party. "There were two male celebrity actors standing a few feet in front of us. They didn't notice us because the club was dark. Both men are young and very attractive and have starred in some comedic and dramatic films. One of the actors, ‘Junior,’ is a tall, muscular, brown-skinned brother who got his start in television and is known for his comedic roles in films. He never married, but has a couple of children with a girlfriend. The other dark-skinned actor, "Fritz," has been in a few movies and has starred in a popular television drama."

Sound like somebody you know? "The lead was ‘Lucas,’ who is a megastar. No matter what film project he was attached to it was bound to be a box office smash. In Hollywood, he is considered a golden boy and very bankable. However, there were already many rumors swirling about his sexuality, and even though he married, it was hard for him to shake those pesky gay rumors."

The greatest? "Eli was a force to be reckoned with. He flew out the gate with his debut album and would become a mainstay in the ever-changing Hip Hop industry, where many rappers are one-hit wonders. He has been hailed as one of the greatest rappers to bless the mic." <No “pause” needed.

Corey and Eli were having sexual relations – on the DL. "Up until that moment I had never heard anything remotely close about the rapper being gay. Eli was a burgeoning superstar who parlayed his marketability into television and movie credits. He even had a promising clothing line. But every man's got needs and Eli's needed tending to."


Ok, another one of my homeys from LA just dropped the straight real on me as he sees it. He told me he was there with several people, including his own brother. First, he told me, it wasn’t the stomping victim that was the one that KO’d Suge, but the dude that was in a headlock. So, there was a dude that was taping it with his camera phone that Suge had in a headlock. That dude is the dude that delivered the blow the felled Suge. Did he have a POLE in his hand and that’s how he KO’d Suge Knight? That’s what a recent report with AllHipHop.com says, but I’m not so sure some media spin doctors aren’t at work. Here is what an eyewitness stated:

“A few moments later dude came up to Suge after the ruckus calmed down and landed a right hook to his face. Suge crumpled, and was out cold. There was no object to the back of his head. In the pics u see his nose is bloodied and his shirt is wet on the back because he fell backwards after the punch. The dude stood over him said some shit and proceeded to leave. The stomping victim DID NOT get in a knockout punch.”

To see the other pictures of the incident, click here. Nobody at AHH wants a problem with Suge.


Normally, I would have no problems with saying names on this one, but for the sake of fate, I have to leave the names off. Here is why: I want the stuff to go down like it is supposed to. There is a rapper that is cool with another rapper and I heard that they were in the studio recently rapping. Well, one rapper coyly stole a line from the other rapper, who is a slightly bigger name. Well, the second rapper didn’t appreciate that at all. The first rapper admitted to borrowing the line, but felt that he flipped it enough that it was now his original work. Now, I heard the second rapper is going to address it in a freestyle, but we’ll see. I know they are cool. I don’t know if he’s going to go through with it.


I will tell you, the Devil is at work – working overtime! According to the NY Daily News, Papoose cannot even visit Remy Ma for another six months, because the Rikers guards tried to say his keychain was an instrument to break her out of jail. Now Pap is supposedly in a cell too for that alleged violation. Remy is sentenced today and the “laws” stopped her from having a decent day prior to a date with fate. They are saying that the keychain had a “handcuff” or “skeleton” key on it. Damn Pap. I now officiall feel for the brother.


BILLY BALLISTIC: Look at Bill O’Reilly ballistic. Talking about rappers! This dude needs to find his temper – he lost it! Click to see the wack job called Bill O’Reilly go crazy.

No Coons Here: Shout out to the artist formerly known as Big Koon. The Florida rapper is now in a group with Hollywood and changed the name to Certified. They reportedly just finished a song with Scarface. Props.

Tony Tampa Update: Tampa Tony still serves a life sentence in prison for drug related offenses. But he has retained the lawyer of U.S.D.A’s own Bloodraw to help him get out of jail.

Digital Murder: Didn’t Pusha T kill the “Everybody Nose” remix track by N*E*R*D*? Only thing is, they saying “Fiyaaaaahh” like M.O.P. or something. Stop that.

Sex To The Next: I know Coolio has his cooking shows, but I heard he also makes it hot by hosting Sex Parties.

8 To 80, Old & Crazy: Hugh Hefner gets em young, eh? He has propositioned Miley Cyrus for Playboy when she turns 18. She is 15 now.

Do Like Roy Rogers: Slow down Ne-Yo! Dude is talking about doing a Best of Both Worlds record with Fabolous.


Young Buck was recently on XM Radio with Mz. Kitti and here are some quotes:

"A lot of this s**t that 50's doing towards my situation, I'm just not used to. I'm a street n***a, I'm ain't used to n***a's just saying sh*t and just doing any of this s**t. I'm like 'Hold up.' ... I'm focused at this point and I'ma stay this way. I'm more happier than I've ever been in my career. I ain't lying."

“The minute that 50 went public and said 'Yo Buck, you kicked out of G-Unit,' Sha Money pretty much disappeared from me for like two, three weeks. No contact at all. After that situation, I went to calling Sha, because he's my manager, and Sha just disappeared. Sha Money was more than just a manager to me. At the end of the day, Sha Money was ... still is my friend. Sha's in a situation dealing with both of these things - he's a friend of 50 Cent, he's my manager. Outside of that, we've growed our friendship. I'm Sha's best man on his wedding.”

“To the homie Game. I'm aware of you reaching out. I haven't gotten on no phone conversations and actually spoke to Game, but he's reached out to a few people that's around me just to show his support like 'Yo Buck, f**k whatever's going on, I just wanna see your well being, as long as you aight.'”

“I'm signed to 50 Cent. But 50 Cent has never been to my house. 50 don't know where I live, on my child's life. I don't even think he'd know my child's first and last name if I asked him.”


This is just terrible. My god.

I don’t know what this world is coming to and Baltimore is really bugging right now. A man’s wife is about to give birth to their son, when he is stabbed to death by somebody trying to rob him at a gas station. All he wanted was to be prepared when his wife was to give birth. Somebody stepped to him at the pump and demanded money. He tried to break free, but the man caught him and stabbed him over and over. His son was born hours later and they didn’t even tell the woman what happened to her husband until after the birth of the child. What’s even crazier is this happened on Mother’s Day 2008.

The killer has not been caught. RIP to Carlos Santay-Carillo. Claudia stay strong.



Wendy Williams and Trina chop it up. Trina talks about her relationships with Lil’ Wayne and Kenyon Martin. She also spits that venom on Khia.

50 Cent & G-Unit - "I Like The Way She Do It"

I ain’t in love with this song, but Yayo and Banks flip their rap styles quite nicely.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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