Hip-Hop Rumors: Nas Calls 'Net "The Devil" & Other Quickies

Nas Calls the Internet “The Devil”…


In the November 2011 issue of XXL, Odd Future member Tyler, the Creator had the honor of interviewing Nasir for the magazine’s cover story. When asked about Nas’ thoughts on Twitter, Tumblr, and the Internet in general, he said:

No I never look at it. I have a team that operates that sh*t for me. They’ll send me questions, and I answer them. That’s it. I was a prank caller when I was a young kid…I look at the Internet as prank callers. You don’t know who they are. They’re having fun. Actually, I’m not mad at that…You could do some good with the Internet, of course. But it’s, like, a man with horns. Not even a man–a dark force with horns–behind the whole sh*t.”

I guess that’s a good thing, the less time he spend on the internet, the more time he’ll be spending on his album, Life Is Good, which Hip-Hop needs ASAP!


-MF Doom will be working with the band Radiohead. Interesting would be an understatement.

-Lil Wayne, Nelly, Andre 3000, T.I. and Big K.R.I.T. will all make appearances on B.o.B.’s sophomore album Strange Clouds. Read up on our B.o.B. listening session review here.

-Justin Beiber has announced that both Kanye West and Drake will be on his next album. Beiber can currently be heard rapping alongside Busta Rhymes on his Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe. We wish that last part was a joke.

-Guinness Book of World Records has named Samuel L. Jackson the highest grossing actor of all time. That’s over 100 movies that have made over $7.4 billion, mother f*cker.

-Rumors have been swirling that actor Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry’s marriage is on the rocks, and supposedly Rihanna has something to do with this. Huhhhh? Could Ri Ri be fooling with Russell or Katy?