Hip-Hop Rumors: Nas Is A Slave? Detox May Be Finished! Illseed Is A Swaggerist!


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Baby Moms Sues 50 Cent!? Usher/Jay-Z Album? Usher Is Pissed!


NAS – THE N****R

So, Nas had this really big event in New York yesterday to premier his new video, “Be A N***r.” I don’t know what part of the game this is, but I heard it was a festive affair. Now, some of the AHH team sent me some info on it, but its all sketchy. It was basically Nas playing his new video. One thing I did hear was that people were trying to record the video to put on the internet. I heard those people were promptly busted doing so and dealt with. Now, this is a funny one. I heard that rapper Consequence aka The Cons was there and had his computer out. The “bootleg police” were so crazy that they made him close his laptop thinking he was trying to record the video. But I was under the understanding that the Queens raper Cons was just recording himself watching the vid. Does that make sense? Anyway, Q-Tip was there too. Maybe Consequence and Q-Tip should just get back together and do some music.

Here is what seems to be Nas’ album cover. I personally need an explanation, but this must mean the content of the album is very thought-provoking, right?


Poll Answers


TQ, ex-singer with Cash Money, is going all out:

“Too much funny sh*t was going on at Cash Money. I’m sitting at the house in the East one day Wayne comes in and walks over to Baby and kisses him in the mouth. I didn’t just see that so I ain’t gonna say sh*t. When Wayne gets ready to leave, they do it again. I guess some of them other ni**as recognized the look on my face and ran to the rescue. “T, don’t trip, that’s jailhouse love.” Jailhouse love? What the f**k? Them two ni**as and never been to jail!“

So, to read the whole thing, you have to click here and get things from TQ’s point of view. There is way too much to be read than said.


We’ve all seen Dr. Dre out and about with the family, getting chased by the paparrazi. One has to ask, “WHY” like Jadakiss. Well there is a very good reason for this renewed notoriety. From what I heard, Dr. Dre has COMPLETED his highly anticipated album – DETOX. Now I am not positive, but that’s the good word. Now, before you start celebrating, I am also told that folks at Interscope are waiting for the final album and are always skeptical because you “never know with Dre.” Still appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel.


I am not sure how valid this is, but it ain’t a new notion so there may be something there. I heard that the new song Ciara has called “Click Flash” is also a nice lil’ check for the Crunk-N-B singer. The song is from the “Sex And The City” movie soundtrack so there is a check, but also there is a nice plug for Kodak in there. She mentioned the “instamatic” camera, but I always thought Poloroid ruled that world. Anyway, I heard she got a lil’s side deal for the product placement. I ain’t even mad at the check, but the rap she kicks is another story.

I got my Kodak instamatic,

I grab it and I kick and flash

They grab they camera phones

whenever I be switching pass

So ultra fabulous, my jeans my jeans

They fit me crazy

Them boys be yellin’ out

You’re beautiful, baby!

Here is the song:


Travis Barker remixes are the best. Check out what he did with “Don’t Touch Me” by Bussa Bus.


A man goes missing and his family is worried. Tragedy ensues. The 35-year-old Bronx father of two was found shot several times. His body was dumped in the back of a truck and wrapped in a blanket. They saw blood dripping out of the pick up truck, alerting them to the murder. I heard he was an employee and/or security for a well-known rapper. Cannot say who the artist is, but if it is who I think it is, it is certainly coming at a bad time. I will say this, the death appears unrelated to the rapper – some possible street stuff.

Click here to read "EXCLUSIVE: Busta Rhymes Bodyguard Shot Dead"


So What, B: Rumor has it, Jordin Sparks got married on the low to her man Steph Jones. I mean, marriage is in style now so it could be true.

The Round Mound of Rebound: They are trying to say Charles Barkley tried to get with a stripper. Who believes that? He’s in commercials! He can bag any chick!

Stalling For Press. Ja Rule was supposed to be in court to answer to gun and drug charges but was actually touring in Germany. He was verbally admonished by a judge. They told Ja’s lawyer to let the court know when he goes out of the country again.

Gay Aiken To Be A Father: Clay Aiken is expecting a child. The mother is a 40 year old. Let me not even play. He donated his spermies to a lesbian friend that wanted a child.

Black Model Lost: Naomi Campbell has today been charged with assaulting a constable (whats that?), disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress and one offense of using threatening or abusive words to a cabin crew. She up to six months in jail.

Listen To RiRi’s “Disturbia”:http://www.zshare.net/audio/12792114e98bf232/

Listen To Young Chris and Lil Wayne’s “Paradise”:http://www.zshare.net/audio/1275538773e8a169/

It Is SO MUCH Cheaper To Keep Her: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's got a divorce and will have to pay $22,454/month in child support.

Chris Brown Locks It Down: Chris Brown is rumored to have spent $100,000 on two ruby and diamond necklaces for Rihanna. One word: Open.

DAMN: Rumor has it, Usher’s new album, Here I Stand, was downloaded GOLD – over 500,000 times. Good Googa Mooga.

MS W.H.A.T.: I like Lil’ Kim has much as the next person, but hes announced that she is calling her next CD, Ms. G.O.A.T. She needs to cut that out like gum in a White person’s hair.


Sean Bell’s mother, Mrs. Valerie Bell, told AllHipHop.com, she loves the new song dedicated to her son:

“I don't usually listen to Hip-Hop but I can understand where they are coming from as far as what their words say. We aren't going to take it any more and I'm with them on that because enough is enough. I'm glad that they are involved so they can be heard mainly to the youth, the young children and young adults.”

Usher continues to go off about marrying Tomeka (AP):

"I'm a guy that decided to marry a woman -- a black woman -- that wasn't perfect, that had flaws, that through all in all, she's been successful on her own. ... and that's a bad thing. I decided to marry this woman, then I decide to be a father to my child," he says with a laugh. "And that's a bad thing. It's not like I got caught with a gram of coke in my car or speeding or was caught for murder, so why would I be ridiculed, that's why I don't understand -- that's the part that is mind boggling. Why would I be ridiculed for that, even a year later."


Dunkin’ Donuts yanked an online advertisement featuring Rachael Ray after fearful people complained that the TV chef looked like a Muslim extremist and terrorist. Furthermore, they said that it appeared that she was supported of such extremists. The Dunkin’ Donuts people said that they just wanted to promote some Ice Coffee and now their tasty brand is associated with Bin Laden. Stupid, ignorant people like conservative goof ball Michelle Malkin said Rachael had a get up like a kaffiyeh, the traditional Arab headdress. Well, I thought we were a melting pot. Here are some images that should strike fear and more loathing in the hearts of the fearful and loathsome.

I guess Chris Brown has a bomb in his hip huggers? Come on, America!

I am a swaggerist and I create swag. Yo. I painted the picture and I can paint one for you.


Hey, Lady Drama is back again, but from now on she’s only rocking Friday’s and will peep in periodically during the week. Remember, folks, she speaks for herself even though I often agree with her zany notions. With out further ado, she’s on…

Happy Friday Folks Let's get to the juice,

Ray Jay Denies Drug Charges in DC...When Will it End?

Just when we thought Ray J couldn't get any worse he's now claiming that the drugs he was 'caught' with in a DC Hyatt Hotel room are false. The R&B singer states that:

'The defamatory statements made by the staff at the Washington D.C. Hyatt accusing me of using the drug 'boat' or PCP are totally false and are an attempt by them to gain publicity for their hotel. These drugs are illegal and since the police were called, I would have been arrested if I had these drugs in my possession. The statements made by the hotel staff are extremely damaging, and I'm contemplating legal action. '

Yeah ok Ray J like the Hyatt really needs publicity and furthermore if they did how much could they get using you as a decoy? He can't be serious.....

Moving right along...Anyone interested in owning Death Row Records?

Poor Suge. First he gets mollywopped in the club and now his bread and butter is up for sale to the highest bidder. A judge has ordered that that all assets for Death Row be auctioned off on June 24. Death Row Records filed for bankruptcy in 2006. With this said you can take your pick from notorious albums by Pac and Dr. Dre including 'The Chronic' and much more! Damn talk about a steal! [Illseed note: Suge Knight is my dude and anybody that even thinks about talking bad about him will be punished.]

Just when we thought it was over...... Kanye West pulls 'Flashing Lights Pt.3' out his a**!

Ok, Kanye I aint mad at you...

50 Cent's New Reality Show...And it's not what you think!

Looks like everyone and their mama are getting in on reality TV and 50 Cent is no different. I hear that he's in talks with MTV about airing a reality show based on 16 teens getting their hustle on to see who can hustle the hardest. But the greatest part of the show is the winner will receive a full ride to the college of their choice. Now that what I call REALITY tv...wish 50 was around when I went to college maybe I wouldn't be in collections now!

Friday Flicks:

And Megan Good wonders why we talk so bad about people we don't know.......

You make it so easy ma :-)

Will Someone Please Cage This Animal!

Lady Drama's Food For Thought:

After seeing Dr Dre and his calf muscles flexed on the beach is anyone else convinced he's on some type of roids? [Illseed note: no ‘roids for Dre – he works out every day!]

Didn't Jay Z already learn the hard way that R&B crooners and Rappers don't mix with albums! Damn if R.Kelly wasn't enough now Usher!

Speaking of Usher, is he even convinced that he married his wife for love? Cause his 'declaration of love' on TV isn't too convincing.

Lastly if it wasn't for Illseed would Kelly even get pub? Kudos to you bossman ;-)

I'm out - remember the more you say the less they listen! Till Next Time...


Why is Tom Green iller than most rappers these days?



Kanye and Lil’ Wayne asked permission to use the vocoder slash voice box (I don’t know the difference). Cypher Sounds really didn’t get gassed with this interview. I wonder who T-Pain has beef with. Also I wonder if T-Pain considers himself a fake Roger Troutman? I have to ask!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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