UGK MISSED MIAMI? You all know Rock The Bells, the concert series? Well, I heard it was recently in Miami and many fans…


You all know Rock The Bells, the concert series? Well, I heard it was recently in Miami and many fans down there wanted to see Pimp C and Bun B, especially on the heels of all this crazy stuff. Well, they didn’t make it for some reason, I have been told. I mean, it's not like Pimp was scared, but it probably was something personal or whatever. Anyway, I heard UGK was especially missed, because David Banner recently dropped off the bill and there weren’t really anyDirty South reps down there.

On the positive side, I heard the other acts held it down and Mos Def was able to perform for a longer period of time due to the lack of UGK. Monch rocked with a live band and Immortal Technique ripped it. Nas showed up and dissed 50 Cent again saying, “This is real Hip-Hop and not that 50 Cent bulls**t!" Common rocked and so did Talib. Wu Tang and the others rocked the house and a highlight was Meth crowd surfing as the crowd chanted ODB’s lyrics.


Remember the rumor I was blessed to debunk…that Nas is leaving Def Jam? Well, down in Miami he apparently told the people down there that he was going to be dropping a new CD in December of this year. YEP…ANOTHER ONE. Like I said before, Nas is definitely in the studio recording the next CD. A-HA! Hip-Hop didn’t die, it multiplied!


Here is the Jay-Z interview that didn't go down a week or so ago. No bombshells and a lot of giggles. Hovie and Angie crack each other up. The kid, the nude beach, the Def Jam/Columbia rumors and so on...so on...THE ROC!

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Remember how mad you were when you heard that Jay-Z / Timbaland song didn’t make the Kingdom Come album? You remember right? There was a youtube video of the song, but nothing ever leaked. Well, from what I have been told, Tim took that beat and sold it to 50 Cent and it now manifests itself in the form of “AYO Technology.” I don’t know, but it seems plausible.


From what I understand Kia Shine is a married man and Rocsi and him aren’t an item. I heard his wife might kick my a$$, but I didn’t make it up! On the other side, I heard Kia managed to turn a booing crowd into fans down there at club "Secrets" in Ocean City Maryland last night. It was an unannounced performance so security broke it up. Here is what Pay Boy had to say about the faithful, God-fearing man Kinfolk Kia Shine:

“What’s up illseed this is Payboy and I’m back to clarify a rumor on my kinfolk Kia Shine. He is not dating the beautiful Rocsi from “106 & Park,” but I see how you would think that because Kia Shine is happily married to a girl that kind of looks like Rocsi, they have the same complexion and they are the same size.”

Shout out to Kia & wife, my bad. I didn’t even know he was married!


On his myspace page, Curren$y broke down his current situation with Lil’ Wayne and has now started a lil’ label called Fly Society. Check it out in its unedited glory.

"I know some of yall r wondering what’s goin on with my album....why hasn't it dropped yet?? and when is it dropping?? Alot of people have asked these questions and i never made an effort to respond until now.....With regards to my album and its release date I can only ask that everyone be patient and keep riding wit me until i get a positive situation set up for myself and my company FLY SOCIETY no disrespect to anyone but the only way things will be right is if I control my own destiny....I got some red tape to cut through and after that its take off time....Fly Niggaz and pregnant doges respect it Hott Spitta out......"


Trina performed live in concert recently at Mansion down in Miami. Well, low and behold, homegirl was wearing a Terror squad chain when she took to the stage. A nice chunky piece of ice too. This pic comes compliments of Ozone Mag and Malik Abdul, the photographer. Trina still has it. She’s kind of hot!

Mel B had a baby just four months ago and she's lookin' RIGHT!

Raykim are back together again.


Mel B (Scary Spice) and Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife were recently seen having lunch out in Cali. Norbit is getting set-up something serious.

Meanwhile, he issued the following statement: “Eddie Murphy always has and will continue to honor his responsibilities as a father. Mr. Murphy and Ms. Brown dated very briefly and never made any plans of ANY sort. He acknowledges paternity of the child Angel, and has paid child support to Ms. Brown as well as covering the expenses of her pregnancy. Mr. Murphy views this as a private matter and as such, will not be making any further comments about it.”


My boy Jeff hooked up with Rudy Ray Moore aka Dolemite down in Atlanta. And he told me they talked and talked and talked. Jeff ran down what Mr. Dolemite had to say about a variety of things. There is a rumor that RRM has a movie coming out called “The Dolemite Explosion.” Here is the break down…like to hear it, here it goes…straight from Jeff:

-Barack Obama will not become president.

-Hip Hop is suffering because these new artists are NOT paying proper homage to the originators. The first person he gave dap to was Ol’ Dirty. He also gives big props to Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg, Rakim, The Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Big Daddy Kane, 2 Live Crew, Common, Outkast, Ice-T, Too Short and Busta Rhymes for including and referencing him on many of their records and projects. He said those artists are masters of the game and need to be recognized as the all time greats by this new generation. Hip-Hop wouldn't be where it is if it wasn't for these guys taking it to the next level.

- He said lack of homage is the same reason why comedy is suffering. Said he couldn't understand how Steve Harvey had the balls to have an Original Kings of Comedy tour and not mention Dolemite. He said he is the Original King Of Comedy. He noted that before he started doing stand up comedy, Redd Foxxx and Richard Pryor did clean records. Rudy said was the first to use profanity and afterwards, they used his format. Said there wouldn't be an Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor or any other X-rated comedians if it weren’t for him. He gave props to Chris Rock and Eddie Griffin, but didn’t care too much for any other folks. Also, he no longer uses the N word in his revue and persuaded Richard Pryor to stop using that word towards the end of his career.


My boy Tay did it! HE made it to VH1’s Best Week Ever. I’m just as proud as a daddy that sees his son get his GED after failing 12th grade. Check it out!


He talks about “the lie” and his part in that. He also talks about the n-word.

ILLSEED’S QUICKIESSuperhead is charging that she has a sex tape of her and Irv Gotti. SMH.I won the Islamic Intercontinental Lottery! I’m RICH! I’M RICH. I got this email and all I have to do is introduce myself to Mr. Waleed Babiker via email!

Rumor has it Sean Kingston is the same lil’ boy that played in Biggies “Sky’s The Limit.”

Read this story about a dude that 5-0 tried to get to “snitch” on Barry Bonds.

If you did not hear already, Ving Rhames’ dogs attacked and killed his assistant the other day. They mauled him at Ving’s house.

SHOUT OUT TO JimBo T – what it do? Peace out to Benjamin K! What it is?


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