Hip-Hop Rumors: Nas Talks Kelis! Christina Milian's REVENGE! Lil Kim Shows Gucci Her A$$!

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Its Saturday, but I guess I can do some stuff that lingering out there in the streets. Not a lot of rumors, but just a lot of "stuff" so here it is.


In a recent interview with Tim Westwood, Nas opened up about his live and times. There was no mention of Amy Winehouse, but we can pretty much assume there's nothing there.

“I really have never been that type of dude to put my business out there. With the situation I found out that no matter who you are, your business will be put out there because people want to know. I will never talk about the issue, but what I will say is I wish everyone the best and I want everyone to be happy.”

“You live and you learn, when it comes to matters of the heart I go all in. I still think marriage is a beautiful thing, it's just you have to be strong to weather the ups and downs. I had great hopes and thought we were going to do it big, but when two people see things different and have two different minds, you go into two different directions. But I definitely can see myself doing it again; I had fun doing it and got a beautiful son out of it.”


LOL! Eminem keeps it G and uses public toilet when he goes to big festivals. Before you start talking about how much of a demigod Jay-Z thinks he is, think about festival toilets? They are NASTY!?! They are nasty for me and I wish I had a private toilet. Apparently, some of the people at a recent Scottish festival were offended at the private toilet. One of the people said he even had private toilet paper. LOL!


The Dream and C-Mili did not have a prenump when they got married. I think something jumped up in Dream and told him to get the hell out of there, because he got her to sign off on a "post-nump" agreement a few days before his kid was born from her. Basically, the document said that she and he - in the event of a divorce - leave with what they came with. The baby was born and then he filed for separation. I mean, women have been ganking dudes like this for years so, you can't really blast Dreamster too hard. But, when your girl is 9 months preggers, some stuff can not look good - EVER! Now, Milli Mil has come back with a statement saying that she was dazed and confused as a fully pregnant woman. She's going for the gusto!


I think I missed a lot of this, but we all know A. Keys dumped her manager. We knew it wasn't amicable or it wouldn't have happened. They are saying that dude was stealing from Keys and getting upwards of 35% of Alicia's take as her manager...a lot of money! They say Swizzy was the one that discovered this discrepancy and made Alicia fire him. Jeff Robinson, the manager in question, has shot down the notion that he stuck Alicia Keys up for her paper.

On his Twitter, he said:

"Its a damn shame that people would print bold face lies in silly and obvious attempts to do damage control to cover up wackness.."


Lil Kim recently preformed with Gucci Mane and rocked a see-through dress.

Gucci and Kim are cooking something up.


Any word coming out of the Hawaii region about T.I. and Tiny's supposed marriage? Rumor has it, they may opt for Miami instead and later in the month.

Don't know if ya'll care about this, but Mekhi Phifer and Claudia Jordan were seen out and about in Las Vegas. Also, similarly D-Wade and Lauren London were seen out at a Lebron James party. Mekhi and Claudia def were all over each other. LL and D-Wade were not.

Diddy reportedly gave Justin Bieber a white Lamborghini that he promised a year ago.


Dream may see this and realize that he made a mistake! I think she is doing a revenge workout like "look at what you left!" So, why did Dream leave THIS:


LOVE YOU! KEEP WORKING OUT!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!