Hip-Hop Rumors: New Beef For Uncle Murder, Superhead Talks Wayne and MORE!


Superhead is one pistol! She’s talking about Lil’ Wayne here and I think it is from the new issue of Essence.

"He’s not my boyfriend, but I’m closer to Wayne and we’ve spoken every day for the last six months. I can’t start or end my day without talking to him. And we don’t necessarily talk on the phone, but we text each other all the time. It’s a perfect relationship. He knows that no matter who he’s with and vice versa, we love each other. We don’t have any surprises. If I were to see him kissing a girl tomorrow, it would be okay because I already know about it."

He already knows about her too so they are totally equal.


Hey, this is RyAN Dexter and I am one of the replacements for illseed this week. Let the man relax for once! I am going to bring you the rumors along with a girl named Asia and a guy named Ken. (I don’t know where they are, but I am here for service!) We’re not illseed, but we’ll be doing the best we can, fa ‘sho! I am going to kick things off with this rumor about underground rapper NYOIL! I have been hearing that he is actually nominated for a Grammy Award. Now, I thought to myself, “Self, most people never heard of NYOIL, much less a mainstream Grammy committee.” We’ll I was told that he got a notice in the mail informing him that he was nominated for something sweet, but doesn’t know yet. Maybe? I still think it’s a lil’ early for Grammy nods to be send out. Congrats to NYOIL! Even a rumor about getting a Grammy is a good look!


I heard that Black Rob was lucky to get out of jail earlier this year, but was sent back to the bing for some other charge or he got violated by his PO. OH WOW! That sucks, because he and Dep were really cool dudes. Bad Boy needs to handle that. Anyway, I am not sure when Rob is getting out, but I heard it could be as soon as 90 days or as far as 11 months. When they get back together, G-Dep and Rob have a movie role all ready to go. I heard it’s an animated story that nobody will see. BUT, if we do eventually care, Black and Dep will be back. Dep is working on music stuff and he’s not in jail! I really do like these dudes on a musical note – I just wish they could pull it together!


That would be interesting, if Trick Daddy went to G-Unit. But, he’s not. What he might be doing is going to do some work with Young Buck. Because Trick is a boss, I don’t quite see him signing to Buck, but I think they are going to be doing some project together in the near future. I heard they are pretty cool friends too.


Who the heck is Big Truck? I never heard of the guy until I saw him in a youtube video beefing with Uncle Murder. Unc Homicide was performing and all heck breaks loose in this club. When he does, Uncle Murder tosses a mic and hits that dude Truck dead in the head! I don’t know what the heck happened to get them to this point, but they are online and looking like a pack of wolves. These are not the lyrical beefs rappers used to do. I will let illseed put this vid up…I couldn’t do it.


Douglas "Biggs" Ellison issued a statement on an upcoming lawsuit from Chrisette Michelle. Somebody should be sued, because homegirl was the truth and had less burn than a match in the music game. Only thing is, you have to get sued before you issue a statement. She hasn’t even SUED yet! At least he is proactive like that stuff Diddy uses.

"As Chrisette Michele's manager, I negotiated Chrisette's six-figure contracts with Island Def Jam, EMI April Music and SESAC. The combined deals totaled over a million dollars, and closed within three months of each other. The Island Def Jam deal was closed in only four days. The allegations of any wrongdoings against Chrisette on my company's behalf are shocking. Four Kings Productions invested an abundance of time and resources to the growth and success of Chrisette Michele, playing a very instrumental role in Chrisette's artistic and overall career development. We appreciate the support of her fans and the media's embracing of Chrisette Michele. We are proud and ecstatic that she is being recognized as the star we always knew she was. We will continue to show Chrisette Michele unwavering support and work hard behind her projects, and we look forward to a speedy resolution."


I heard that Lil’ Wayne is going to reply to 50 Cent and may make some unscrupulous comments about 50 Cent’s family and background.

Tru Life was riding heavy on The Roc (or La Famigla La Roc Records, whatever!), but now I heard he is getting a antsy about his spot on the label. Tru Life has reportedly wanted to talk to Jay-Z, but cannot get in touch with the boss like before. He may defect to another label, I’m getting in the streets.

Spider Loc on Koch? I heard he has 50’s blessing and will drop an album in no time.

T-Pain has a brother named Notty Black or something and he is ready and willing to take the world by storm – like it or not!

Chris Brown was fool for trying to shop in London over the weekend. I heard he was nearly stripped naked and had to get a police escort out of Oxford Street.

Rumor has it, Fergie Ferg has left the Black Eye Peas for a permanent solo career.

Daz and Kurupt might be the next Hot Boys if they sign to Cash Money like rumors say.


While illseed is out, some of the regular people are still helping out. Kendra G checked in! Got it? So over the weekend the "Beyonce Experience" made a stop in Chitown (Chicago). For those who have already checked Beyonce out in concert this summer you already know the super talented girl did not disappoint at all! So now that we have gotten that out of the way, let's talk about all the other things that went down at the Beyonce concert and after party in the Chi!First of all, according to Kendra G. (Power 92 Chicago) Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather showed up at the concert with 20 body guards!! And all the bodyguards were rocking white t-shirts that said "Floyd Mayweather Security" There were so many damn bodyguards surrounding the man you couldn't even see Flyod Mayweather himself! It was ridiculous! But the funny thing is actually Floyd was backstage with all those dag on bodyguards and, according to Kendra G., Beyonce's dad/manager told them to go somewhere with all that! Also, Saaphyri from VH1's Charm School was hanging out with Kendra G. and everyone who noticed her begged for a picture. Why? Nobody knows!But of course after the concert there's the afterparty! It seems like everyone in the Chi was trying to party with the "Queen B" (as Beyonce refers to herself during the concert). Lil’ Kim might want to handle biz on that. NBA players such as Shawn Marion and Antoine Walker all showed up to the official Beyonce after party and of course Floyd Mayweather showed up with all 20 of his bodyguards! Although it seems like a lot of celebrities may have in their own way tried to steal the shine from the queen it was a job that went unaccomplished! According to Kendra G. Beyonce, as always, stole the city all by herself (Jay wasn't there).


After seeing that video of R. Kelly’s wife dancing, I would want to get back with her too! At the Chicago Beyonce concert, they said that Kellz attended with his real life wife. I heard that they were the talk of the concert, because they are supposed to be one step away from divorce. Well, they should be applauded, right? Kellz is getting it in before that trial and who would blame him for that?




This is RyAN Dexter! I want to say thanks for reading and I want to say thanks to illseed to helped me out a bit on this first rumor. If you want to help us out while illseed is on vacation, send your rumors to illseedsub@gmail.com. WE NEED IT!


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