Hip-Hop Rumors: New Jay-Z Rumors! Illseed Rides For Tribe! Common Gets Kerry?

Never Fear - Jim Jones is still - BALLLLLLIN! The deal is in stone and its a joint venture. Look for the story in the news. JIM JONES BALLIN’ TOO SOON?We heard the chit-chat that Jim Jones had signed some super duper dope deal with Columbia and Rick Rubin and the gang were ready to move. But there has been speculation that Jim might have jumped the gun. There is supposedly a very detailed and intense legal process that must be working out before all is finalized. I guess we’ll see. COMMON GETTING’ IT, GET, GET, GETTING’ KERRY WASHINGTON!I thought Kerry Washington liked the other man, not the brother man. If that’s the case, that’s your flavor, but I hear she might have had a change of heart or something. My VA connection LG told me that Kerry with Com was at the Norva show in Norfolk, VA. They say Virginia is for lovers and this seems to be the case with these two. Oh yea, Common and Q-Tip have a group coming out called The Standard. Good. Maybe they will ban together to set the “standard” and get rid of posers. Speaking of…LUPE FIASCO– PEACE OUT."[Tribe] didn’t sell 10 million records, so why would people think they had a blanket on the world like that? MC Hammer was way more popular to me than Tribe Called Quest."OK…I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but now I have to. I am disgusted beyond words. First, understand, I was once one of Lupe Fiasco’s most ardent supporters (click the link). I used a big word like ardent, because I believed. Now, after this “Fiascogate” thing. I have to call it a day.Seems like Lupus has created more than a fiasco (yeah it sucked, sue me). Why would this non-selling record jerk-off talk about sales and popularity right after 1) Tribe was honored, 2) after he sold triple balsa wood and 3) he’s nothing in the big picture of Hip-Hop. What began as a tribute on a large stage at Hip-Hop Honors devolved into a tet-a-te with Hip-Hop itself when Lupus forgot the words to “Electric Relaxation.” Forgotten lyrics happen to the best of performers in the moment, but the aftermath is what’s sad. He was already looking foolish and then he went and opened his mouth (or in his case, typed on okayplayer.com). ATCQ is greater than Lupus. I ride for them like I ride for Pun. I smacked the spit out of somebody’s mouth in the early 90’s for saying some foolishness about Rakim being wack and he’s not even my favorite rapper! That wasn’t right, but there are some things you just don’t say. I hope that the robot dancer has alienated his fans, stans and future stans. “Those hip hop elitists who think [Tribe] hold the crown and the copyright to hip hop, I listen to 8Ball & MJG and I think they’re better than you [Tribe].”-VibeI’m beside myself at the blatant disrespect by this clown. If you are a Hip-Hop head, you need to be as sickened as I am. Q-Tip, Phife, Ali and Jarobi – I got ya back homies And shout out to 8 Ball and MjG…y’all crazy dope too. CANIBUS RETIRED?I’m not sure, I can’t confirm, but I am getting word that the Canibus man has called it a day and retired. Now, this isn’t confirmed, but a source at his old label tipped me off that the man regarded as one of the best battle rappers ever is turning it in. I think it had – in part – to do with the poor sales of his last CD, For Whom The Bell Tolls – didn’t sell too great. Since, I’m not sure, I did a lil’ research. I didn’t find much, but a lot of his websites haven’t been updated and stuff. If this is true, we’ll be sad.Click here to read an editorial on Canibus called “Lyricist’s Last Stand.” What would have happened if Canibus had blown up the way DMX, Jay-Z, Ja Rule and them had at the time? Just for kicks, somebody in the Ill Community is suggesting that Cani just signed to Murder Inc. I have a hard time believing that, yet there is an interview that seems to refute the rumors. CASSIDY IS MAKING BEATS?What does Cassidy have in common with The Game, T.I., and Snoop? I don’t know what the deal is, but I heard that Cassidy is now making music. That’s right, I heard Cassidy is making beats! You know, I have yet to hear any of his work but I’m sure he’s ill. I hope he didn’t start this just to avoid paying Swizzie. Lol.JAY-Z TIMEI heard Jay-Z had a nice little conference call with a bunch of media and some interesting things came out of it. We all know that American Gangster is coming out and we’ve seen tracklistings and whatever. Well, I heard that – in addition to the songs we know about – I hear that Timbaland might make the album. Kanye submitted two beats, but Hov didn’t take either. Also, there is the matter of “Dead Presidents III” and that song is FIRE – even though it is just a snippet. It sounds like a mythological update of the original. BLUE MAGIC – DISAPPEARS?Also, I heard that the video for “Blue Magic” will not becoming out. I heard that Jay has expressed reservations about releasing the video and now “Roc Boys” has leaked…that’s the second single. How’s the second single going to come out before the first single’s vid? Click here to listen to “Roc Boys,” a radio rip.Do you guys remember Pretty Ugly? I do, he’s right up the way from DE in Philly. He’s dropped a pretty powerful Jay-Z diss that he’s posted at his myspace page. Click here to listen to “Question to Jay-Z.”Now, I declare that this is speculation, not a rumor or anything I have heard in the streets. KANYE VS MOS DEF – PART 2!You thought it was over? Nah…They did it again like Brooklyn!

FOXY BROWN – MEET MAN WITH CLUBI might lay off the Foxy Brown rumors! She’s not in love with the New York papers. In her new CD, she says, “So, hop off my d**k, I got a 32-shot clip aimed at Page Six." OUCH. Anyway, peep this clip of a person that looks just like Foxy Brown getting into an altercation with a man in traffic. I think it is Foxy…look at it…you can tell. It was looking really cool until the man had the club! Cheater! What were you gonna do? Beat up Foxy Brown!?!

Shout out to Lorenzo the PR Prince.ILLSEED’S QUICKIESShout out to Ken P, my rumor homey from another mother. Rumor has it Tyra Banks has new sex tape. New? Was there an old one I missed?Mike Vick is probably going to have to pay back that $20 million to the Falcons. Wow. Stanley Burrell is dead, but that’s not MC Hammer! A guy with the same name as the rappin’ OG passed away. J-Lo has finally confirmed her pregnancy, not that anyone cares at this point. Bobby Brown had a heart attack. Don’t be cruel.RIP to Christopher Reeves AKA Superman who died 3 years ago, yesterday. That guy seemed so cool. I felt like I knew him. Lil Wayne is out of the bing.Boss Up – let the boycott begin! GHOSTFACE ALBUM THE SAME DAY AS WU TANG?Is this a Def Jam CD? This is odd to me!

RICH BOY! “LETS GET THIS PAPER!”This is the song of the YEAR. That’s right! I’m saying it! The song of the year. Here is the rumor. Ma$e is on the original version of the song, but is mysteriously missing from the video. His voice could have been included even if he couldn’t be in it. Could it be some of the

Video Provided By UrbanVJ.comSIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN ENDShout out to Tropikana of Z107.9 in Cleveland. She was the first person to tell me about the kid that shot four people in Cleveland. See her report and editorial below:Today was a sad day in Cleveland. I'm sure you saw it on CNN. Today a 14-year-old Cleveland boy shot 4 people. Two teachers and two students. I'm writing because I"m frustrated that the media is making it a poverty issue. The school Success Tech High School is one of the premiere schools in Cleveland with less than 200 students, 90% + well on their way to college. The real issue that no one seems to be addressing is that it was a CHILD that did the shooting, that needed help - mentally and emotionally. According to a teacher who tutored the young man she said he was bi-polor and it was possible him missed his meds. I just think that we need to do better in reaching out to these kids, no matter the race or the poverty lines...pain is pain. My heart goes out to the families and students affected by this tragedy.ILL VIDEO – A TRIBE CALLED QUEST! (dedicated to Lupus Fiasco and an dummy that feels like him)"Electric Relaxation"

"Oh My God!"

"Find A Way"

I loved "Award Tour," (aside for being SUPER DOPE) because they said Delaware in it! Shout out to Tribe for respecting D-Ware!

Here we go yo-"Scenario"

"Can I Kick It" (No, Tip is not talking about Lupe's a** even though we all are)

"Check The Rime" (They are iller than you.)

"Hot Sex On A Platter" (For Lupe, this would be called "Hot Sex With A Robot"

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – WITH RAPPERS?Timbaland, Doe and the super hot Keri Hilson are the first Hip-Hop acts to appear this soap opera, “On Life To Live.”

BIG MOE –PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU.(For those that don't know, Big Moe had a massive heart attack and is now in a coma. No, he isn't dead, but he isn't well either.)