Hip-Hop Rumors: Nia Long/ Reggie Bush? Remy Ma Dissin' Kim, Fox? Wendy / Meth To Duel?

AllHipHop Staff

I'm about to call this thing: ILLSEED WEEK! They better recognize before I re-introduce myself! Anyway, click the image and get up on it. Rumor Time!NIA LONG AND REGGIE BUSH?So, when it comes to sports, I don't know much outside of boxing. When I heard that Nia Long was with some dude named Reggie Bush, I was like, "Who?!" Then, I realized that he’s the football dude that some of my female friends fawn over. Anyway, I heard that they are an item now. Lucky for her, Reggie is rumored to be a man of honor. Last weekend, rumor has it, that somebody grabbed Nia - an act of over-enthused love. Next thing you know, Reg allegedly issued the man a 3-piece with a biscuit and dude was outta there! I'd let dude "read my Nikes" for Nia Long!GUCCI'S REVENGE?Young Jeezy once called him "pocket-book boy," but Gucci Mane is back and he's dissing everybody like a deranged soldier from the Viet-Nam war! On the new DJ Burn One mixtape, "Gorillas N Da Trunk," Gucci Mane has a song called "745," which I hear is directed at Jeezy and even Jay Z. With Jeezy being called the "Snowman," Gucci Mane goes on to say that his adversary is more "like a snowflake." Now, here is where he goes into a berserker-like rage. To Jigga man, he reportedly says, "Beyonce, that's your fiancée; Jeezy is the appetizer, you'll be the entree. Two glock shawty, hey let's party; I'm at the 40/40 looking for Shawn Carter!" WHOA, pa, slow down...slow down. According to the song, Gucci says he recorded this song in New York City, but he's now back in Atlanta. There is a heat wave on the East and it’s about to get hotter - Thanks, Guc! (Shout out to June AKA David Palmer Jr.) OMARION GETTING MARRIED? BABY ON THE WAY?You know how some people are so emphatic with their rumors and you have to take note? Well, that's how I would categorize a rumor I got from somebody who told me that Omarion is "definitely" getting married on July 22. Now, this source says that the boy O got his girl pregnant and that expedited the nuptials. Now, perhaps this can work in O's favor if it’s true, because he's got an album coming out in the Fall. All promo is good promo. WENDY VS METH!Yeah, I know this is nothing new but I heard that Wendy Williams is going to have Meth on the show one of these days so they can "conversate" about the issues they have with each other. I don't know the exact date, but I'll certainly let you know as I know Meth is really mad that she reported on his wife having cancer (which was unknown by the masses). It would appear that Mr. Mef isn't playing! A DJ in Vegas apparently said that some of the things Meth does are "gay" (I don't think he meant homosexual; just as a descriptive). Well, Meth is like "ZOOM" - on the phone in minutes. Apparently, a relative or Wu minion got Meth on the phone as soon as it happened and Meth called back to offer a 6-minute piece of his mind. Now, I think I will shut up before Meth comes knocking at my door. I'm just a fan. All in all, Meth and the DJ Mike P were able to work it out after they all realized it was just a case of miscommunication. REMY MA GOES AT Lil’ KIM AND FOXY?Well, we know that Foxy and Rem have a history of bickering, but I didn't know that she had something with Kim. Anyway, at the same radio station as the Meth incident, I heard Rem went at Foxy saying something like “...now Foxy suddenly got her hearing back, Remy wanted to be the first to inform her that she’s wack.” She said Foxy was "wack and old." Well, I don't know about either of those, I love Foxy “Boogie” Brown and her twins! She went on to say that she wouldn't entertain a battle with Kim and that there is nothing going on with her and G-Unit. Lastly, she said that she is still "Terror Squad" and the crew is running through her blood and its more than just music to her. Now, I have to admit that Rem's album was sorely underrated, but so was Foxy's ‘The Fever.’ I still want that album to come out, but I know that’s wishful thinking. Anyway, Welcome Home Lil' Kim and Peace to ALL!