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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.J-LO, DIDDY AND SHYNE = TOGETHER AGAIN!Sean Diddy Combs and former Bad Boy Shyne in the midst of a $130 million civil suit filed by shooting victim Natania Reuben. She was shot in the face during an incident in a club. J-Lo, aka Jennifer Lopez , is going to testify and reveal everything she knows about the 2001 shooting. Diddy has already testified, I believe. Now, J-Lo was not forced to testify before, but she is not. I wonder what she has to say after all this time. THE END OF NICK AND MARIAH?I really to hope these two can keep it together, but sources are saying its already in jeopardy. One source said the following: “Mariah Carey’s marriage won’t last more than six months, according to friends. The 38-year-old singer, who wed rapper Nick Cannon in April, is so demanding her new husband won’t be able to cope with her diva-like behavior.” I’m not sure of the source, I admit. Now, Life and Style Weekly magazine is saying that people are joking on Nick Cannon, claiming he is like “her puppy.” Apparently, he does a lot of shopping on her behalf. Mariah’s assistants and friends call him “Whipped Nick” behind his back. I don’t know that I believe this mess. Anyway, some people are saying that they are perfect for each other, because Nick really loves her. JAY-Z IN THE UK ALERT!Check out what the homey from the UK sent me about Jigga Man in the UK. Is Beyonce’s booty insureded? Does Jay-Z even know? Read below.Jay-Z was up on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show here in the UK if u dont know jonathan ross is like jay leno i think cos i havent watched his show but he calls out guests from his green room which is actually red and interviews them simply put. with jay-z the other 2 guests were charlotte church and Will Smith. jay was just making jokes and enjoyed his time there as it was his first, i think and he did apparently like the interview pretty much. dey were talking stuff bout glastonbury and his childhood life and jonathan ross asked him if beyonces bootay(As ross called it) was actually insured and jay said he didnt know. and will smith was making jokes 2 but hes been der b4 so he knows whats up. if anyone wants to watch it again or cath up it will be on again in the u.k on saturday night 28th june about 1:20am which basically makes it the 29th :S CazeEVA PREGGERS?I got word that America’s Next Top Model Eva Pigford might be preggers. Somebody told Bimbo Winehouse (don’t ask) that Eva was complaining that she had stomach pains and rushed into the bathroom to vomit. To me, it sounds like Eva just ate some bad cheese or something. AMY MASKFACEAmy Winehouse just spirals down and dooooowwwwwwwnnnnnn! It seems the singer has an irregular heartbeat and must now rock an oxygen mask for the rest of her life. Ok, not the rest of her life, but she will until she stops smoking ROCKS. Her doc has stated that she’s going to have to wear this thing until she gives up the drugs. Not only that, she is on tap to ruin her singing voice if she keeps up with the crack and other drugs. Her lungs are at 70% and she ain’t even 25. She looks 45. Sad.ILLSEED’S QUICKIES & RANDOM QUOTESReal Deal: If you don’t know, 40Glocc didn’t actually rob Tyga. It was somebody else and 40Glocc got it.Moveon.org: "FOX must stop injecting racism, prejudice, and fear into our political dialogue. We intend to hold FOX, its advertisers, and its personalities accountable for FOX's attempts to smear the Obamas."Go for it! Jay-Z is apparently going to lash out at Noel of Oasis with a pair of middle fingers at the Glastonbury fest. Stay tuned. Jay-Z on being president: “No, they’ll kill me in 30 seconds. ‘S**t! This guy’s in!’ Bang! Ha ha! I won’t make it past the primaries! “They talk about Obama’s priest - imagine what they’d do to me!”Mega-Suit: Mini-Me is suing over the release of his sex tape.Jim on Cam’ron and him recording: “No, there won't be any Cam [on my next album], which is a shame. But you know, we've got to keep it moving.”GoBama! There is a new clothing line inspired by Barack Obama! I can’t wait for the illseed clothing company (icc)Don’t Want To Be Like Mike: A contract was allegedly taken out on “Iron” Mike Tyson's life after he ordered the killing of the men responsible for murdering his bodyguard. DAMN!Suge lost: Hip-hop godfather Suge Knight lost an appeal that forced him to sell all assets from Death Row Records. Global Music Group gets all the recordings from the late, great Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and tracks with NWA.NAS’ TRACKLISTINGI’m loving that Nas is speaking out against Fox New and speaking out against Bill O'Reilly. You have to rememember even AllHipHop’s Jigsaw was on Fox defending Nas and this was really early. Nas is really one of our greats. There are times when I am at odds with him, but that’s really all “greats.” The song is “Sly Fox.” “The only Foxxx that I love was the Redd one,” Nas said. Love it.01. Queens Get The Money (Produced by Jay Electronica)02. You Can’t Stop Us Now (feat. Eban Thomas of The Stylistics & The Last Poets) (Produced by Salaam Remi)03. Breathe (Produced by J. Myers & Dustin Moore)04. Make The World Go Round (feat. Chris Brown & The Game) (Co-produced by Cool & Dre & The Game)05. Hero (feat. Keri Hilson) (Produced by Polow Da Don)06. America (Produced by Stargate)07. Sly Fox (Produced by stic.man of Dead Prez)08. Testify (Produced by Mark Batson)09. N.*.*.*.*.R. (The Slave And The Master) (Produced by DJ Toomp)10. Untitled (Produced by stic.man of Dead Prez)11. Fried Chicken (feat. Busta Rhymes) (Produced by Mark Ronson)12. Project Roach (feat. The Last Poets) (Produced by Eric Hudson)13. Ya’ll My Niggas (Produced by J. Myers)14. We’re Not Alone (feat. Mykel) (Produced by stic.man of Dead Prez)15. Black President (feat. Johnny Polygon) (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)SHELZ: JACKI- O IS BAD AND MAD!Shelz talks about the beef female rapper Jacki-O has with a lot of Florida men.:During an interview that was conducted less than an hour after she left the Milli video shoot, Jackie O really lost it. She did a good 15 minutes of angry monologue ignoring questions and the dude who was supposed to be interviewing her. During this verbal rampage, Jackie O claimed Poe Boy Entertainment robbed her. But she said she took it on the chin and charged it to the game. She also claimed that they were perpetrating a straight up conspiracy by telling DJ's not to play her music. And one more thing. She addressed the "slap" rumor and got a little emotional while doing so. Yall see? Buck has made it ok to cry. Feel your emotions people. Buck made it hot. Here's a small portion of the convo with Brisco as she presented it from the Milli video shoot. Brisco: What's up, Jack? Jacki O: Boy, you know you sometimey. Brisco: Well fuck you then b***h! Jacki: What's wrong with you? How you gonna disrespect me like that? Brisco: B***h, I'll slap the s**t outta you! Shelz: Dayum! Ms. O then went on to say that she never bothered to tell folk why she parted ways with this clique. But she suggested that they are straight dirty and she may start blasting these dudes just to defend herself. SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN ENDRead this mess. Now, you talk about cutting off your own money! Peep this report from Akilah Johnson of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:A 16-year-old drug dealer shot and killed a customer for shortchanging him $2 during a marijuana deal, Sunrise police said Sunday.Alfredo Cruz, 18, of Sunrise, wanted to buy "a small amount of marijuana" Friday night, so he and a friend drove to Springcrest Condos to meet with the 16-year-old drug dealer, police Lt. Robert Voss said.About 11:30 p.m., the teen and Cruz completed the deal, then chatted in the parking lot in the 4200 block of North University Drive, Voss said. Cruz sat in the passenger seat; the teen stood beside the car's open window, he said.All of a sudden, the teen became enraged because Cruz shortchanged him $2, so he pulled out a small handgun and shot Cruz in the face, Voss said.CRUZ DIED AND THE TEEN IS CAUGHT. STUPID! The person that died was a friend of a member of the IC.RANDOM QUOTES: THE GAME EDITIONHead over to the features section for this mixed back of quotes with The Game and AllHipHop’s Aqua. This is the best interview with The Game since the last AHH interview with The Game.Soulja Boy and what he is in the landscape of Hip-Hop:"Souljah Boy is the [equivalent] in Hip-Hop to Kris Kross...you couldn’t tell me about Rakim when I was ten years old,’cause I was f***in with Kriss Kross."On album dreams with Nas:“Me and Nas joked around about doing an album together and said we could complete it in ten days and we would do it that way if we did it.”Where he is with this new album:“Free. It’s free. The third album is free spirited. My lyrical content my lyrical elevation, my mind is just free. No beef, no drama for the first time in my career I can really record music the way that I wanna record music.”What can stop him from retiring:“That’s the only reason I’ll not retire, if something like that happens or if I can get the old N.W.A members to just assist me, not really feature and be a part or rap but just assist me on making my fourth album what I want it to be, if I did do that album. The only way I would do it is if Dre, Cube, Ren, King T, Ice Cube, Quik…you know n****s that are from Compton were involved. If not you’ll see me on a beach man with someshorts and some white Airs man just sippin’ a 40.”On his very favorite rapper:“I don’t think that nobody in the world could f**k with Biggie. Period.”On other rappers besting him lyrically:"There’s not a rapper in the world that I can’t lyrically f**k in the a** so I don’t think nobody really wanna cross that line with me. Once you do, just know it’s a chance you might never be able to feed your kids and your family ‘cause I’mma put your s**t to a dead stop and I don’t care who you are.”On Barack:“I think I’m about to get Barack’s face tatted on my back man. Y’all might can come down for that, it’s gonna be big. Don’t kill our hope like that’s what I’m gonna do - get Barack whole face.”ILL PICS!Will Smith across the Pond in the UK. Rumor has it, Jada is making him take a break after this new movie of his peeters out. Denzel Washington was there too. Beyonce in London. Somebody slimmed up a bit. 

Rev Run takes a dip in the ocean! 


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