Hip-Hop Rumors: Not Again Foxy! Yung Berg Got Styled On? Chris Brown Does Like Jay-Z!


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Read the news story Bench Warrant Issued For Rapper Foxy Brown

Foxy – why?! Somebody get Foxy to a court asap!! She is wanted by a judge who has issued a bench warrant for her arrest! Please don’t let her go back to jail already! Sheeesh! She was supposed to show up this morning to a Brooklyn Criminal Court. Foxy’s lawyer apparently couldn’t produce her client and didn’t know how to get her. This is for the case where Foxy allegedly struck a women with her mobile device.


All the violence must stop! I am hearing some bad things about Yung Berg. Rumor has it that Yung Berg got knocked out over the weekend in Los Angeles over some foolisness. From what I heard, there was a big fight and Berg was caught up in it. There’s not connection to Bow Wow, but somebody said that there was a “mess” that Berg got himself in. I don’t know what that mess is. What’s worse, I’m telling you this is likely to be on youtube soon. I told you about 50 in Africa, but we’ll see if this comes true. Hope not!


My homey Nnete from the Madd Hatta Morning Show on 97.9 The Box in Houston gave me the scoop! Chris Brown popped up on stage at the Glow in the Dark Tour Friday night! Chris came on the stage to dance at the end of N.E.R.D's set but did not pop back up on stage during Rihanna's performance. Kanye shouted out to Chris Brown at the end of the night saying, 'Thanks to Chris Brown, yeah, he here too!" I wonder if Jay-Z and Beyonce talked to Chris and Rihanna about doing that bit of cross promo? I heard it was his birthday weekend. Ahhhhhh…young and old love! I’m in the middle – mnius the love.


I talked to my homey Flo and he talked to Bishop Lamont and here is how their convo went down:

Flo: Hey fam, this is Flo from Hiphopruckus.com. Illseed reported a fight between you and J. Wells.

Bishop: Chuuch. It wasn't a fight. I just choked his bitch a** out. It's over! LOL!

Flo: Haha. Yeah. I feel you. He was talking too much s**t when you were keepin it cool. F**k it. Thanks for responding family. Can't f**k with Bishop on these beats or these streets dog. 100.


Meet the Cast of Biggie's new Biopic Notorious..... Like we didn't already know! Can't wait for this film to come out!

Kanye sets the Record straight about the Houston Show....

For all those that attended the Houston 'Glow in the Dark' tour you got an awkward surprise when Kanye stormed off the stage when he had tech difficulties during his performance. Now some are used to Kanye's antics but others aren't so for those select few and loyal fans Kanye released an official apology on his blog peep this:

Don’t believe the hype! When I started the show the other night we were having a lot of technical issues due 2 the heat. The 2 huge screens on both sides of the stage were glaring bright blue like when your DVD player acts up at home. I asked for them 2 turn the screens off 3 times because it was distracting 2 the show. The fans were not getting what they paid for. I admit, in my frustration, I did use profanity on the 4th time I asked. I stopped the show 2 go over and check it out myself. After the screens were turned off I started the same song from the beginning. The screens were eventually fixed 5 songs in but it was definitely better 2 have them blacked out rather than bright blue. Unfortunately for certain media outlets, you will never be able 2 ‘Michael Jackson’ me. That means 2 make it seem like everything I do is so weird or out of place… they always try 2 make it seem like everything is about my ego! That joke is getting old. At a certain point you have 2 respect that I’m one of the last artist that still cares about the fans having the best time of there lives! Thanks 2 Bossip and Perez for taking it easy on me on the EW spaz… I did go in a little 2 much on that one. I’m sure there are some cool people who work over there and had nothing 2 do with that review. With all that said…. “I’m still the greatest!!!” lol!! Oh and I was in the studio with T.I. last night…. so get ready!!!

Kudos to Kanye he is getting better! Speaking of Kanye check out him on Young Jeezy's new song 'Put On.'

Sneak Peek: Method Man's new Film 'The Wackness'

While we are on the subject of Wackness Tasia's at it again! Where's a good stylist when you need one DAYUUM! [Illseed note: I think Fantasia looks fine in her unique way!]

Lady Drama's Food For Thought:

Can you blame the dude that tried to snatch 50's chain? Seemed like quite the perfect opportunity for a 'come up' if you ask me!

Are any other dudes upset that Chingy gets to star opposite Lauren London and Meghan Good in their upcoming film 'Caramel' If your not I'm sure there are a list of other rappers whose albums are selling... that have a few bits of animosity about it!

Is anyone surprised that Remy Ma is holding her own in the pen? She's gangster there was never a doubt in mine!

And while Remy is on my mind, is anyone else stumped at how Remy and Foxy both went into jail ASAP but we are still waiting for R.Kelly to be convicted for his charges which seem to keep coming?

If Perez Hilton can get a spot on Miss Jones what's up with Illseed getting his own show? [Illseed note: I need that!]

I'm out - remember the more you say the less they listen!


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