Hip-Hop Rumors: NY'S Secret Sex Parties! Tiny To Be Charged! Marques Houston's Crazy Sex Tape!


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I heard there was a recent party for the don Huddy 6, but there was a double side to the party. What I was told that upon entering the party, attendees had to give up their cell phones and any recording devices on the floor outside a special VIP section. A writer facilitated this, I heard. I heard the writer is the person that organizes everything. I can’t say her name, but there is a specific name. This special afterparty is chock full of E Pills and drugs and liquor. Everybody is doing whatever they wanna do. Sex, drugs, and so on. Here is what a source said to me, “These parties are similar to those True blood episode parties, it was straight off of TV! Everybody is just f**king everybody and you wouldn’t believe some NYC rappers and producers were there!” I don’t hav any names, but I can only imagine. I am going to keep you up on this, because I heard something is coming up on this writer and this scene.


Not looking good for the T.I. Family! Just as a judge sentenced Tip to 11 montths and also – in LA – they tell him that he’s got no charges there…they are going to charge Tiny with crimes. Tameka Cottle will be pursued by law officials for possessing ecstasy when she and the King were arrested last month. Tiny is facing 12 months in jail if convicted. What she actually serves is a different story.


A man is claiming that his dentist put a CHIP in his tooth. These chips are for tracking people.


Joell Ortiz was supposed to perform down in Jacksonville, FL, but didn’t because the venue didn’t have turntables.

Red and Meth are still talking about doing “How High 2.”

Too Short and E40 are doing an album. I wonder how that’s going to work.

Kid Cudi has reportedly decided to abort Hip-Hop and go pure rock.


I told you guys when I come back to the rumors that I was goin in right? Now here is what has been going down. I hope you all enjoyed the Raz B interview. I thought I would take a more serious approach to the matter instead of what the others has been doing with such a serious matter as pedophilia. Ok Ok let me get to the good stuff.

Kanye West Nude Pics!

Now the word is that Amber Rose may have done this since Kanye West called her a bird in the Runaway short film. Yeah I play too much I know. Naw but seriously there has been nude pics of Kanye West leaked and you already know we don't get too messy here on the rumors so check it out at this link HERE!

Marques Houston Sex Tape with a Tranny!

Is there a Marques Houston sex tape with a tranny? The night of the Raz B interview I received a tweet from someone saying they had a sex tape they would like to release. They claim that this is very true and they was not pulling my leg. During the interview Raz B did state that he had some evidence that would shock the world. I wonder is this is what he was speaking of.

Kat Stacks Blast Manager!

We have more info on Kat Stacks and her crazy ass. Lately Kat Stacks has been goin in on her twitter, dissin her ex-manager Kevin Wales. Apparently Kevin Wales has been stealing money from Kat Stacks and has a gambling problem. Kat Stacks is now under new management with Q the CEO of world star hip hop.

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